The V&A museum in London is starting a new exhibition tomorrow that looks at the future of hearing. The display aims to show how fashionably designed 'hearwear' can be as desirable and accessible as 'eyewear', and will change the way people think about hearing.

The show called Hearwear will display designs and prototypes by some of the UK's best designers, including Ross Lovegrove, Priestman Goode, Industrial Facility and IDEO, and Hulger previously Pokia.

Hearwear will suggest new possibilities in hearing products for everyone, not just people who are deaf or hard of hearing, and introduces the possibility of new products to allow everyone to control and enhance the sounds around us.

The exhibition even looks at concept designs that would allow you to use a remote control to instantly block out the sound of noisy builders or a screaming child; or a product that allows you to hold a clear conversation in a noisy bar.

The exhibition has been developed by RNID and the magazine Blueprint with brand consultancy Wolff Olins in association with the V&A and will run until March next year.