iriver has launched its latest compact MP3 player as it continues to battle to become the number one MP3 player maker. The latest model - the T30 will be a small 64 x 32 x 22 mm in size and weight 27 grams.

Unlike Apple, iriver has opted to included four-line, blue-backlit LCD screen while still managing to get a further eight hours of battery life (20 in total) from a single AAA battery over the iPod shuffle.

Other features of the player include built-in real-time clock with an alarm function, direct line-in allows real-time MP3 encoding, a signal-to-noise ratio of 90 dB/A, ten preset equalizer options, and built-in microphone.

The iriver T30 supports WMA, ASF and Ogg Vorbis in addition to MP3 and come in two size varieties; 512Mb and 1Gb and

The two models will be available in July. The 1Gb model will be available in rose red and cost £99, while the 512Mb model will come in lawn green and cost £65.

The new model will succeed the iFP-700 and iFP-800 models.