JPMorgan Chase has introduced a credit card that allows a consumer to merely wave it past a sensor to make payments rather than worrying about it will swipe or not.

Called Blink, the new credit card will be marketed in America this summer to be used in cinemas, convenience stores, specialty shops and drug stores.

The new card has been created to supposedly cut transaction times. In a trail at a drive-through the card system sped up transaction times by 20 seconds - enough to get another burger.

The new card will allow card holders to hold their card at a point of sale terminal at checkouts, rather than swiping the card or handing it to a store employee. As card members hold their card near the point of sale terminal, the terminal will emit a signal or tone to confirm the payment.

The new cards also can be used the same way as traditional credit cards with a magnetic stripe.

Sheetz Inc., an East Coast convenience store chain, and 7-Eleven look to be the first to accept the card with other retailers such as McDonalds ready in the pipeline.