O'Neill has launched what it believes is the world first rechargeable back pack. The H2 series will consist of 3 items of apparel: The world's first Integrated Solar Backpack with communication and entertainment functionalities, an Entertainment Backpack and the second-generation Communication & Entertainment Jacket (formerly known as the HUB).

The backpack will allow you to charge an iPod, mobile phone or Bluetooth module, as well as control an iPod via soft buttons on the front of the back pack. Additionally the back pack will allow you to automatically answer your calls with a microphone hidden in the straps.

For hands-free calling, a microphone is built-in to the left shoulder strap and a universal headphone jack is incorporated in the chest pocket. When the user receives a call on their mobile phone the iPod transmission is automatically interrupted, pausing the music until the call is finished. The Bluetooth module also allows for voice recognition dialing.

The iPod and Bluetooth module is safely stored in a discreet protective and water resistant casing in the back of the pack. Once installed the iPod can be controlled via an ElekTex soft control panel located on the packs left shoulder strap.

In addition to the backpacks O'Neill is also releasing a H2 series communication and entertainment jacket.

The Communication and Entertainment Jacket will be equipped with an iPod compatible entertainment system that can be controlled by the soft touch remote controls woven into the left hand sleeve, as well as including a discreet Bluetooth module stationed in the chest pocket and the microphone in the jackets collar allows for hands free calling.

The O'Neill H2 Solar Back will cost £170, the O'Neill H2 Entertainment Back Pack £100 and the O'Neill H2 Communications Jacket is £325. All three are expected in the UK in the autumn.