Wacom has released its first Bluetooth enabled graphics tablet. The new tablet, which works on both Mac and PC and comes with a Bluetooth dongle in the box is A5 in size and promises to work up to 10 metres away.

The working area of the new model is 8in x 6in and the unit also offers a transparent photo frame function so you can easily trace drawings or photographs.

There are two freely programmable buttons (ExpressKeys) located at
the top of the tablet, which can be customised in digital imaging software
to swap between tools or change tool properties.

With power now an issue due to the wirelessness of the unit, Wacom has included a lithium polymer battery that can be recharged to provide up to 25 hours of continuous operation.

Graphire Bluetooth pen tablet comes with a pen and mouse which both work on
the tablet with Wacom's patented and proven ‘penabled' technology. The pen
and mouse are cordless and battery-free.

The Graphire Bluetooth tablet comes with Corel Painter Essentials2 and will be cost £189.99.