First it was the 5Gb model, now iriver has spawned a family offering a 20Gb version and a 1Gb version of its H10 Mp3 player.

Both new models, aimed at competiting with the iPod and Shuffle alike offer a colour screen and touchpads for controlling the menu.

The H10 [20GB color] is for true enthusiasts. Hardly bigger than a deck of cards, its 1.8" hard drive has space for over 10,000 songs. The player measures just 102 x 61 x 22 mm sports a 1.8in screen, a voice recorder and promises 16 hours of playback.

The family's most junior member, the H10 [1GB color] is no bigger than a Zippo lighter, weighs just 63 grams, sports a 1.2in screen, a voice recorder and promises a whopping 60 hours of playback.

The 20Gb model will cost £229 and be available from April. The 1Gb model will also be available in April and priced at £139.