In a report published today by Jupiter, it seems our hearts might be in music on the go, but when it comes to video on the go are still very lukewarm.
The report stated that only 27% of consumers expressed an interest in just portable music, 13% in just video content and 7% in video playback and games. And of those questioned only 5% of consumers are interested in both music and video playback on portable digital media players.

The survey, which was carried out across Europe showed that consumers in France and the U.K. rate music most highly, in those markets, 39% and 31% wish to listen to music on portable digital devices, reflecting the dynamic French and U.K. digital music player markets.

But don't throw away the CD player yet, following other surveys in this area digital music still only represents a small sector of the market. In fact Jupiter forecasts that digital music will still only represent 8% of the total music market.