iriver has launched its new Portable Media Player to complete against the Creative Zen Media Player. The player will be available in 20 and 40GB versions, and runs on the Linux-based operating system rather than Microsoft's Portable Media Center operating system.

iriver has also said that it will support MP3, ASF, WMA and WAV audio files, as well as numerous video formats, including AVI in MPEG4, DivX and XviD.

Features include a built-in FM tuner; microphone; USB on-the-go function for direct data transfer from other mobile products; and a line-in to record straight from external audio sources.

More importantly the player features a 260K colour 3.5in display and transfer to a PC is via USB2.0.

The recommended retail price will be £399 the 20 GB iriver PMP120 and £449 for the 40 GB model.