Another day, another MP3 manufacturer's latest range of players. Today it's the turn of Aigo who are launching to new players in the UK. Highlights include the E808, a £40 128Mb player that features a built-in FM tuner with 10-preset FM stations as well as doubling up as your standard USB storage device.

The player also supports MP3 and WMA formats and is powered by one AAA battery. There will also be a 256MB version for £49.99 and a 512MB version priced at £89.99.

Meanwhile the F186 boasts a seven colour alternating backlit LCD, two recording features; voice and Line-In, analogue to digital file conversion and USB storage support.

Powered by a built-in USB rechargeable battery the player also offers 20 pre-set FM stations plus FM recording capabilities. Pricing ranges from £69.99 for the 128MB version, £89.99 for the 256MB version and 512MB version retails for only £109.99