iriver has launched a new 128Mb MP3 player called iriver N10 which has been designed to be worn as a pendant. The player will weight just 27grams and will feature an integrated lithium polymer rechargeable battery to deliver up to 12 hours' of battery life.

Aside from the ability to play MP3s the unit will also have a built-in microphone. Unfortunately the player only offers support for MP3 and WMA and songs can only be transferred from a PC via the USB1.1 socket.

Those not wanting to wear it around their neck will be able to swap between the black necklace module with the integrated headphones that snaps on to form a pendant or a second headset that has a headphone output to make the N10 into a pocket player.

The iriver N10 will be available in three different memory sizes. Costing £99.00 for the 128Mb version, £129.00 for a 256 MB version and £167.00 for a 512Mb version