One company believes it has the power to help parents keep a track on their little ones by using a device no bigger than a wristwatch. The Boardbug Baby and Child Monitor is supposedly the world's first combined baby and toddler monitor that, just like the prison tagging system, allows you to keep track of your little ones.

The Boardbug operates in two modes - baby and child. The Baby mode allows parents to monitor sound and temperature levels in their baby's room (using a range bar indicator ), as well as set an alarm for regular feed times.

Toddler mode allows parents to pre-set three different safety ranges so if their toddler wanders out of a chosen range, an alarm sounds on their parent unit. In addition there is a ‘find me' button, which means parents can activate an alarm on their child's unit to help locate them if they go walkabout as long as they are still within a 20m radius.

Each parent watch can be paired with three units for the ultimate in family control. The Boardbug will be available from July for £99.99.