So besotted by the Apple iPod, a group of DJs have got together in London to put on “Playlist” a club night played off your iPod. Clubbers that turn up to “Playlist” at Nambucca, 596 Holloway Road at 9pm on Saturday August 7 and will have the chance to win some eight Belkin Media Readers and eight Belkin Voice Recorders if they are the best iPod DJs on the night.

The way it works on the night is that people who want to play their music simply register and get a number. As the night goes on they get to play 15-minutes of their hand-picked songs; but volunteer judges will assess that 15-minutes of fleeting fame in a free vote. DJs who get the best reaction may win extra time - and the very best win prizes (thanks to Belkin).

Inspired by the ease of use and massive capacity of Apple's iPod music player, a collection of music fans got together to launch a night dedicated to musical diversity in the digital age. It's not just about iPods though - you can play songs using other music players, judge the songs the DJs bring, or just have a good time.

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