Cowon, the Korean company who is currently trying to break into the UK market has announced that they are entering the HDD MP3 player market in the UK with the announcement of the iAudio 4 and iAudio M3 players.

The iAudio4 comes in three different models 128Mb, 256Mb, and 512Mb. The unit design is based around a four-line LCD display that not only gives you the relevant details such as song title, battery power and ID3 tag information it also changes colour depending on the track you are playing. There are 124 different colours available all of which can be customised to mean different things like record or music genres like Jazz.

Its bigger brother - The 20Gb iAudio M3 player and remote control comes in a number of metallic finishes. The main selling point is the transfer of controls and LCD display to the remote rather than the player, meaning the main unit can stay in your pocket.

Both players also house an integrated FM tuner, while the iAudio M3 offers USB 2.0 connectivity. The iAudio M3 player also supports MP3, WMA and Linux's OGG formats. The iAudio 4 is available now and costs £209 for the 512Mb variant while the iAudio M3 will be available in April and will cost £280. Both players are available at