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(Pocket-lint) - When Apple announced MagSafe, the proprietary magnetically-attached wireless power transfer system, it transformed how people experienced charging. Instead of connecting devices to cumbersome cords and wires, iPhone users could simply place the device on the MagSafe platform. Since the rollout of MagSafe, all kinds of product categories have been copying that design. But tripods and selfie sticks were still stuck in a pre-MagSafe world… until now.

andobil, a company dedicated to producing high-quality digital products, has just released the world’s first MagSafe tripod/ selfie stick - andobil MagStick. This article describes how andobil MagStick is ready to transform the world of tripods and selfie sticks, giving content creators the opportunity to shoot high-quality videos and photos with the utmost convenience.


Say goodbye to conventional tripods

MagStick is the world’s first tripod for MagSafe. To understand how transformative MagStick truly is, you need to understand the many ways in which conventional tripods fail. Conventional tripods rely on plastic or metal clamps that must be adjusted to make your mobile phone fit snugly. If the clamp is too tight, your phone might get damaged, but if the clamp is too loose, well, your phone may still drop and get damaged.

The following are just some of the complaints people have with traditional tripods:

  • Fragile clamps that break when you try to adjust them
  • Impossible to operate with one hand
  • Low-ended clamps that are easily damaged
  • Not suitable for GoPros
  • Bulky phones or phones with protective cases aren’t compatible
  • Can’t work with fill lights and microphones
  • Phones easily slide or fall off
  • Bluetooth may not work or the connection is lost
andobilIntroducing andobil MagStick, the world’s first MagSafe tripod photo 4

Extremely convenient installation and operation

MagStick is an extremely simple and convenient device that can be installed and operated within seconds. The smartphone is automatically absorbed into the MagSafe within a second - you don’t need to fiddle with clamps and screws. And if you want to turn the selfie stick into a tripod or extend the legs, all you need is a little tug. With one simple pull, you can extend the pole to your desired length.

The system offers a firm, stable, and convenient alternative to flimsy conventional tripods. MagStick allows you to quickly snap your smartphone onto the mount of the tripod, so you don’t need clamps or screws. The magnetic visual positioning technology ensures your device is perfectly positioned, so you don’t need to worry about it falling off or getting damaged. For added protection, the one-touch clamping mechanism ensures optimal security.

Works with LED lights and microphones

Content creators need to use LED lights and microphones to elevate the quality of their content and recordings. MagStick’s clamp features two 1/4 ports, so you can easily mount your LED lights and microphones to the tripod. This simple setup allows you to produce professional-grade videos and content without relying on expensive hardware. You can essentially turn your smartphone camera into a professional camera suitable for live broadcasts.

Optimal extension and flexibility

MagStick is incredibly flexible and extendable. The length of the tripod can be extended from 12.3" to 63.5”, which is significantly larger than your average tripod. Furthermore, the tripod features 180° neck rotation and 360° head rotation, allowing you to take professional photographs from various angles and capture shots from incredibly high vantage points. Furthermore, you don’t need to fiddle with multiple clamps to extend the size - just pull.

andobilIntroducing andobil MagStick, the world’s first MagSafe tripod photo 5

Highly portable and durable

MagStick is an extremely portable and durable tripod/ selfie stick. It measures only 12.3” when folded down and weighs 653 grams - there are no cords, apps, or other extensions. Furthermore, the tripod is made of aviation-grade aluminium alloy and PC material, so you don’t have to worry about damage. You can carry MagStick in the toughest terrains while travelling. Whether trekking in jungles or shooting TikTok videos, MagStick works for everyone.

Compatible with all mobile phones

MagStick is the world’s first MagSafe tripod, so it can hold the iPhone 12 and 13 series without clamps - simply snap the phone onto the tripod. But even if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have to worry. Andobil provides extra metal rings that can be stuck to the back of your phone or case. The rings will provide the magnetic force necessary to work with the MagSafe. Alternatively, you can use the left and right mechanical arms to hold the phone in place.

andobil MagStick is undoubtedly one of the most innovative tripod/ selfie sticks on the market. As the first MagSafe-enabled tripod on the market, MagStick is primed to disrupt the market, making content creation simpler and more convenient than ever.

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Check out andobil's website for more information about both this and other products!