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Aergiatech P1114: Charging four Apple devices simultaneously has never been easier

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(Pocket-lint) - Now that everyone has multiple electronic devices that constantly need to be charged, the prospect of charging can be a real hassle. You have to charge your iPhones, Apple Watches, AirPods, MacBooks, headphones, wearables, and other devices regularly. Sometimes, it seems like you need to have a dozen charges strewn all across your home for your multiple devices. Sure, you can get traditional multi-port chargers, but most of them slow down the charging speed and weaken your device’s batteries.

Enter the Aergiatech P1114: the world’s first 4-port 140W wall charger with PD3.1 and GaN.


Aergiatech P1114 is a cutting-edge multi-port wall charger that allows you to connect up to four Apple devices simultaneously. What’s more, it’s powerful enough to charge all of your devices without slowing down the charging speed. Even if you’re travelling, you can simply carry one wall charger for your iPhones, MacBooks, and all other devices. Powered by PD3.1 and GaN technologies, Aergiatech P1114 represents the next generation of charging capabilities.


Aergiatech P1114 is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter. The first 50 backers of this product will receive a massive 50 percent super early-bird discount, so grab your 4-in-1 charger quickly!

Below, we describe the primary benefits of the Aergiatech P1114 4-port 140W wall charger.

Aergiatech P1114 is the ideal wall charger for Apple family bucket users. It contains 3 USB-C outlets and 1 USB-A outlet, so you can charge multiple devices simultaneously, including iPhones, MacBooks, Apple Watches, and AirPods. While some multi-port chargers slow down the speed, this charger can fast-charge all of your devices. You get both speed and convenience, so you don’t need to worry about heavy luggage with multiple chargers.

Aergiatech P1114 is one of the world’s best chargers for MacBook users. It can fast-charge 2 MacBooks simultaneously - the output of C1 and C2 maintains a maximum of 65W, ensuring a fast recharge for both MacBooks. The intelligent power allocation feature also distributes power optimally between the two devices. Furthermore, the USB-C1 port has a maximum output of 140W, which means you can recharge an M1 16” MacBook Pro completely within 82 minutes.


The Aergiatech P1114 wall charger supports PD3.1 instead of PD3.0, with an output of 28V 5A, making it optimal for charging a MacBook Pro 16” 2021. Furthermore, the USB-C to MagSafe 3 Cable easily reaches an output of 140W, making it an incredibly powerful wall charger. Furthermore, as a GaN charger, it produces significantly less heat than traditional chargers, so there’s no risk of damaging or compromising your device’s battery life.

The Aergiatech P1114 measures 3.62 x 2.58 x 1.27 inches, making it smaller than the Apple 140W power adapter. In addition to being extremely small, the pins of the charger can be folded down, making it more portable and convenient while travelling. It can fit snugly within your bag, and you don’t have to carry multiple chargers. Getting the Aergiatech P1114 is a no-brainer if you're a frequent traveller.

The Aergiatech P1114 is currently available on Kickstarter. The first 50 backers will receive a super early bird discount on a first-come-first-served basis, so you better grab this wall charger while the deal is still active!