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Harley-Davidson's new Serial 1 e-bikes have Google Cloud connectivity

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(Pocket-lint) - Harley-Davidson has launched its second generation of Serial 1 electric bikes, but rather than focusing entirely on hardware upgrades, the brand is going all-in on software.

The company says that Google Cloud has selected Serial 1 as its new "strategic eMobility partner" and this will allow Serial 1 to integrate Google's software products into its bikes before anyone else.


Among these new features are the ability to track rides, collect performance data and improve safety and security. The Serial 1 app will also show turn-by-turn navigation, which could be very handy.

Serial 1 promises many more features to come thanks to its "access to Google Cloud analytics and business intelligence and integration with Google Cloud AI functionality."

The second generation also promises to provide a stronger connection between the bike and your smartphone, thanks to an embedded IoT device.

Where most e-bikes rely on a Bluetooth connection to your phone, Serial 1 incorporates cellular and GPS tech, in addition to Bluetooth, to allow you to connect your bike from further away.

On the hardware front, the new bikes will utilise the same powertrain as the first generation. They remain similar aesthetically, too, which is no bad thing - we loved the first generation.

What is new, though, is the addition of an integrated USB-C charging cable below the handlebar stem, to keep your phone juiced up while you use all these new software features.

Priced between $3,799 and $4,999, the Serial 1 bikes don't come cheap, although they're still a fair bit cheaper than a gas-guzzling Harley.

Writing by Luke Baker.