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(Pocket-lint) - Laser technology has transformed at-home laser engraving technologies. Until recently, most people had to rely on professionals to produce laser engravings on wood boards, paperboards, stainless steel, and other materials. But thanks to advanced laser technologies, you can handle laser engraving projects from the comfort of your home. The Ortur Laser Master has been at the forefront of this movement - the company has been producing simple laser devices that allow novices to engage in complex laser engraving projects from the safety and comfort of their homes.

With the release of the Laser Master 2 S2, Ortur is taking things to the next level. The Ortur Laser Master 2 S2 is the most advanced laser engraving device on the market. It features the 9th Ortur Laser Motherboard with 32Bits MCU and the advanced OLF-V180 firmware, which allows it to perform high-speed laser engravings on numerous surfaces, including wood, paperboard, black acrylic, leather, food, stainless steel, felt cloth, and dark colour plastic. Whatever your laser engraving project might be, you can rely on the Laser Master 2 S2.

Below, we highlight the five most impressive features of the Ortur Laser Master 2 S2.

Less than 10 minutes of installation time

The Ortur Laser Master 2 S2 doesn’t have to be handled or installed by professionals. It’s a portable device that measures 22.83" x 21.65" x 5.91” and weighs 2.4kgs, and it can be installed by novices within 10 minutes. The device comes in a machine pre-assembled frame, so there’s nothing to assemble. The device features a high-density aluminium frame and powder-coated steel that adds strength while reducing the overall weight, ensuring optimal portability and convenience.

Optimal precision with point compression technology

The Ortur Laser Master 2 S2 features point compression technology, which means the laser spot is smaller than ever before, making it more precise and detailed than all other at-home technologies. The laser head has been upgraded from LU1-2/LU1-4 to LU2-2/LU2-4, making it the most precise at-home laser engraving device on the market. With a focal spot of 0.07 x 0.06mm, you can engage in the most precise engraving possible.

Superior quadruple safety features

Safety is essential for all laser devices, especially at-home laser engraving devices meant to be handled by novices. And the Ortur Laser Master 2 S2 doesn’t cut any corners with safety. It features four essential safety features:

  1. If there’s any abnormal or unwanted movement, the laser device automatically stops.
  2. If your computer shuts down or the USB cable is unplugged, the device will automatically stop without any delay. This prevents the machine from working if an accident occurs.
  3. If you don’t use the laser device for a while and it’s in a control state, it will automatically stop working. This feature preserves power and prevents unwanted accidents.
  4. If the computer enters sleep mode, the laser device automatically stops working.
OrturTake custom engravings to the next level with Ortur Laser Master 2 S2 photo 3

Smoother and more delicate engraving

The Ortur Laser Master 2 S2 features the OLMS2-V10 motherboard and the OLF-V180 firmware, the most advanced laser engraving firmware and motherboards available. This device ensures smoother and more delicate engraving than ever. Furthermore, the device has been upgraded to the 24V voltage circuit system, which ensures lower current and more safety.

Faster laser engraving with optional precision

The Ortur Laser Master 2 S2 is adapted to ESP32 MCU, which optimizes the motion algorithm, ensuring superior speed and performance. The speed of the stepper motor has increased from 4000mm/min to 10000mm/mm, which means you can complete your laser engraving projects faster and more effectively.

Plus, later in May Ortur is releasing an add-on for the kit which lets you expand its working area by a massive 200 percent, while retaining all of that precision perfectly. The Ortur Extension Kit will unlock even more creative possibilities for engravings.

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The Ortur Laser Master 2 S2 is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and reliable laser engraving devices for novices and professionals alike. The company is also known for exceptional after-sale customer service. If you’ve been thinking about taking your laser engraving projects to the next level, the Laser Master 2 S2 is worth considering.