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(Pocket-lint) - Most people who decide to live in the great outdoors, permanently or temporarily, understand that they’re giving up a lot of modern conveniences, such as perfectly modulated indoor temperatures. When you’re camping or leading an RV lifestyle, saying goodbye to AC is one of the most challenging tasks. Without a reliable AC, you’ll have to brave dramatic changes in temperature based on the time of the day and your location. But the EcoFlow Wave Portable Air Conditioner helps you bring the conveniences of indoor living into your RV.

EcoFlow is widely hailed as one of the world’s leading renewable energy companies. It produces high-quality portable power stations and solar panels that allow you to generate and store your own energy. Its products are incredibly portable, making them ideal for RVers, campers, and others who enjoy living off the grid. With the EcoFlow Wave Portable Air Conditioner, the company is now expanding into products geared towards convenient outdoor power usage.

EcoFlowEcoFlow Wave is one of the most convenient portable air conditioners for campers and RVers photo 2

With the EcoFlow Wave, which is due to release on 12 May, the company wants to help users create an entire outdoor ecosystem with a comfortable temperature. Below, we highlight the most important features and benefits of EcoFlow Wave for RVers, campers, and other individuals embracing the off-the-grid lifestyle.

Regulate your tent’s temperature within minutes

Tents and RVs can get pretty hot, especially in hot summers. And most outdoor ACs don’t pack enough power to make a difference. Without proper temperature control, your camping experience can be ruined entirely. But EcoFlow Wave offers 4,000 BTU of cooling capacity, especially since it has an inverter compressor with an advanced algorithm to ensure optimal cooling. When installed in rooms less than eight square metres (86 square feet) in size, EcoFlow Wave offers the same cooling performance as a normal-sized wall AC. You can go from 30℃ to 24℃ (84℉ to 75℉) within eight minutes, making it one of the most powerful outdoor ACs on the market.

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Recharge using any method available

When you’re camping or living outdoors, you don’t have access to a large number of charging ports. If your outdoor AC runs out of power, you may not have the means to recharge it effectively. But EcoFlow Wave comes with four different forms of charging capabilities, making it suitable for all scenarios. You can charge it via a traditional wall socket, a portable power station, car charging, or solar panels. In addition, when you charge the EcoFlow Wave with EcoFlow’s DELTA Pro or DELTA Max Portable Power Station, it gives you an extra 28% running time under the same working conditions compared to other portable power stations with the same capacities.

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Set intelligent running times based on your needs

Outdoor ACs consume a lot of power. You need to be judicious about when and how much you use your air conditioners. If you’re stepping out of the tent, you must remember to turn the AC off and perhaps turn it off in the middle of the night when everyone’s asleep. EcoFlow Wave automates the energy conservation process while increasing the AC’s efficiency. It features Smart Battery Allocation Algorithm, which allows you to set expected running times (up to 8 hours), based on which the device will balance cooling and running time by alternating between cooling and fan settings. You can also set automatic schedules for the AC, so you don’t have to worry about turning it off manually.

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Move it around without any trouble

When you’re getting an air conditioner for your tent or RV, you need to ensure it’s portable and convenient. You need to be able to install the AC without external help, and it shouldn’t take up too much space. The EcoFlow Wave only weighs 17.5 kg (just under 40 lb), and it comes with an attachable battery pack of 7.5 kg (16.5 lb), making it portable enough for outdoor activities and roadtrips. The air conditioner needs no setup at all, while the LCD screen and app make it super easy to control its settings.

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Don’t worry about maintaining the AC

When purchasing an air conditioner, one of the primary concerns people have is maintenance. When you get in-wall AC units for homes, you have the liberty of calling professionals for maintenance at your convenience. But you can’t easily rely on professional help when you’re camping or in an RV. The EcoFlow Wave is specifically designed to require minimal maintenance. The condensation water from the device automatically moves to the heat tubes, from which it evaporates (when air humidity is lower than 70%), so there’s little need for manual maintenance. The EcoFlow Wave is one of the most user-friendly portable air conditioners available.

Everyone needs air conditioners. Even if you enjoy living off the grid or camping, you still need a reliable air conditioner that can make the sweltering summers more bearable. The EcoFlow Wave Portable Air Conditioner is the most powerful, user-friendly, and reliable portable air conditioner for campers and RVers alike.