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(Pocket-lint) - Tripods and selfie sticks are essential components and tools for everyone. Whether you’re a content creator, an influencer, or even an average phone user, you probably have numerous uses for selfie sticks and tripods. Selfie sticks allow you to take high-quality selfies without help, and tripods allow you to capture stable images and videos wherever you go. However, carrying separate selfie sticks and tripods can be challenging.

Andobil is set to release a tripod/ selfie stick combo to fulfil all of your content creation needs. The Magstick is a new tripod that allows you to view the pictures you’re taking, use Bluetooth controls to take pictures from a distance, and ensure optimal portability. The company has been immensely successful with its range of phone mounts and wireless chargers, and its new tripod is sure to make waves as well.

Andobil launched a Kickstarter campaign on the 19th of April to fund the widespread release of the tripod and selfie stick combo. If you’re keen on getting your hands on the product, be sure to check out the details of the Kickstarter campaign. Below, we provide an overview of the Magstick tripod and selfie stick.

Tripod and selfie stick

The Magstick brings the combined features of a tripod and a selfie stick in one device. If you fold it down, you can use the device as a selfie stick to capture high-quality selfies that aren’t restricted to just your face. You can also unfold the legs of the device, turning it into a tripod that allows you to capture beautiful pictures and videos from a distance.

One-click secure grip and MagSafe capability

The Andobil tripod has a magnetized one-click secure grip. The moment you bring your smartphone close, it will be instantly drawn to the tripod’s centre and snap into place. You don’t have to wrestle with the tripod to attach the smartphone - just bring it close to the centre, and voila! Thanks to the one-click secure grip, this device can be operated with one hand.

The tripod has MagSafe compatibility, which means it can keep your smartphone secure in place. This makes it exceptionally useful for content creators who don't want to worry about it falling off its stand.

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Double protection

The Magstick is hugely secure when your phone's in it, too, to make sure that you don't have to worry about it slipping out. As well as the magnetic suction it offers on the back of your phone, it also has a double arm system, clamping your phone in place.

This makes it ideal for use in a wide range of scenarios, from sports to filmmaking.

360-degree rotation possible

The Magstick has a simple 360-degree rotation feature. While most tripods now have complete rotation features, the Andobil tripod simplifies the process, allowing you to rotate the device all around without manipulating numerous screws. Thanks to 360-degree rotation, this is one of the most versatile tripods, opening up new possibilities for video recording.

Bluetooth controls

One of the biggest problems with traditional tripods is the lack of remote control - you have to be near the tripod to operate the camera. The Andobil tripod comes with Bluetooth embedded - the selfie stick is used as a button, while the tripod is a remote control. You can do whatever you want, like pressing the Bluetooth device anytime and anywhere to shoot.

Support external equipment

If you’re using a tripod, you might also use a microphone and light while recording. The Andobil tripod features two unique slots for external equipment, allowing you to attach microphones and lights with complete ease. Furthermore, the microphone and light will be attached in the ideal location for crystal clear audio and video recording.

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Ultra-lightweight construction

The Magstick tripod is extremely lightweight, weighing only 650 grams. In terms of length, it’s 5.24 feet long (160 cm). Because of the manageable height and the ultra-lightweight construction, you can easily carry this tripod wherever you want. You can even fold it down into the size of a small selfie stick, so it can easily fit inside your bag.

Ultimate compatibility

The Magstick is highly compatible with all smartphones. The tripod’s clip head is specifically designed for the iPhone 12/ 13, and it can be used directly by all iPhone users. But other smartphone users can also use this tripod after attaching separate iron rings. If you want to make use of Magsafe for other mobile phones, you can use the accessory hoop that's included to add it. Regardless of the size, density, and style of the smartphone, it can work with the Magstick.

View the pictures

One of the most convenient aspects of the Magstick is that it allows you to view pictures. The smartphone is placed strategically to ensure you have unrestricted access to the camera’s view. You can take accurate pictures without any guesswork. You can also use the remote to rotate the tripod’s head according to your desired position.

Kickstarter details

The Magstick Kickstarter campaign started on the 19th of April. If you’re excited about the launch of this impressive new tripod and selfie stick, we encourage you to check out the Kickstarter details for yourself!