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(Pocket-lint) - Climate change has forced the world to move towards a position of carbon neutrality, transitioning from conventional energy systems to renewable sources of energy, such as chemical batteries and machines. Lithium-ion batteries have dominated the market for the past couple of decades, having found immense utility in automobiles, consumer electronics, and even aviation. However, the mass-scale reliance on lithium chemical energy has led to a supply crunch.

In recent years, sodium has been positioned as a suitable and more accessible alternative to lithium. That’s because the two elements share similar chemical properties, and sodium is 1000x more abundantly available than lithium. That’s why sodium-ion batteries are bound to dominate the future of chemical energy requirements, offering a more sustainable solution than lithium-ion batteries. BLUETTI is now leading the way in clean energy with the world’s first sodium-ion solar generators.

What is BLUETTI?

BLUETTI Power Inc is a Las Vegas-based manufacturer of solar energy devices, including solar panels and solar generators. They’re committed to increasing mainstream access to clean sources of solar energy with powerful residential solar power generators, such as the AC200P, AC300, and EP500. The company has already been leading the way in solar energy for residential and commercial use, and now they’re going one step forward with the world’s first solar generator with sodium-ion battery technology.

Introducing NA300, the world’s first sodium-ion solar power generator

BLUETTI has recently announced the launch of NA300, the world’s first sodium-ion solar power generator, and its compatible battery, B480. This solar generator system will debut at CES 2022 on the 5th of January in Las Vegas. It embodies the seamless functionality and sleek aesthetic sensibilities of all previous BLUETTI devices while being powered by sodium-ion batteries instead of lithium-ion batteries, like most other power stations.

The BLUETTI NA300 includes four 20A plugs, one 30A L14-30 output port, and an inbuilt 3,000W pure sine wave inverter suitable for most household electronic items. It also boasts a 3,000W solar input, making it one of the fastest charging solar generators that can charge from 0% to 80% within 30 minutes. This solar generator features a capacity of 3,000Wh, which is less capacity than other solar generators of the same size because sodium-ion batteries are currently larger than lithium-ion batteries.

You can connect the NA300 to two B480 batteries, each with a capacity of 4,800Wh. As such, when the two batteries are connected to the NA300, the entire solar system can have a total capacity of 12,600Wh. If there’s a grid failure, blackout, or natural disaster, the solar system can offer enough power for an entire family for several days of continuous operation. This solar generator also comes with an IoT smartphone app, allowing you to control the entire system from your Android phone or iOS device.

BLUETTI NA300’s sodium-ion batteries can outpace typical lithium-ion batteries in several essential aspects, such as low-temperature performance and charging speed. Sodium-ion batteries are designed to withstand extremely low temperatures of -20°C or -4°F, making them suitable for extremely cold and freezing climates. Furthermore, the system has a capacity retention rate exceeding 85%, making it perfect for harsh winters.

BLUETTI has consistently demonstrated that it’s leading the charge in the future of clean energy. If you’re excited about the possibility of sodium-ion solar generators, watch out for the NA300 in the upcoming CES 2022.