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(Pocket-lint) - Remote-controlled (RC) cars always bring a smile to your face with some fast-paced racing action. These are miniature model cars operated from a distance with a specialized remote or transmitter. Powered by a small yet powerful electric motor and rechargeable cell, some can generate speeds of well over 80 kilometres per hour.

RC cars have come a long way since their humble beginnings. The earliest models were equipped with basic suspensions, gearboxes, and low-power engines, limiting their performance. Modern RC cars are highly advanced, featuring massive .36 - .80 engines and cutting-edge internet communication systems. The variety is also wider than ever, with millions of products to choose from.

To narrow down your choice, we’ll give you a list of the best RC cars. We have rated the following based on 6 categories. Each category has a winner and there is one overall winner.

Best Overall RC Car to Buy This Christmas

Categories judged:

⦁    Best Budget RC Car Under £50/$50
⦁    Fastest RC Car
⦁    Best RC Car for Stunts
⦁    Best RC Car for Off-Road
⦁    Best RC Car for Beginners and Kids
⦁    Best RC Car for Advanced Users

Best Overall RC Car to Buy This Christmas

WINNER: BOT CARZ AZ1 - The Gesture Sensing RC Car

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The BOT CARZ AZ1 is a revolutionary RC car with a bevvy of impressive features. All you need to control the car is your hand, as it offers new motion-sensing technology. You can perform all sorts of movements, including 360-degree spin, side-shifts, donuts, drifts, and even spraying water mists from the back, all with just simple hand gestures.

The AZ1 comes with a realistic-sounding engine that produces satisfying roars. It starts with a press of a button on the watch remote, and it can generate speeds of around 15 kilometres per hour. The running time is around 35 minutes, and the control distance is around 50 meters.

Although the car isn’t the quickest on our list, it is absolutely fantastic for doing stunts, drifting, donuts and 360’s.

The new motion-sensing technology had us blown away. It offers a new and intuitive way to control an RC car and we can see this technology appearing in all sorts of technology. Maybe even military gear. 

The AZ1 has Mecanum Wheels that enable omnidirectional movements. It allows the car to perform better on multiple types of terrain, including grass, sand, rocks, and asphalt and means there is no limit to the type of movements you can do.

The design is also a strong suit. This car is sleek, and the full-body LED lighting promises hours of fun in the dark. Plus, the shape is aerodynamic, promising quick acceleration. BOT CARZ says it models its cars on Mclaren racing cars and we can see this in the body design.

It’s hard to find any fault with the AZ1, but the car has a couple of minor drawbacks. First, you only get two colour options (blue and red). Many RC car aficionados would appreciate a wider range. Second, really bad weather can drastically lower the operating distance and performance. As we said above it’s not the fastest on our list either some cars can reach 100km+.


⦁ Omnidirectional movements to improve performance
⦁ Enables hand operation through motion sensors in a watch remote. Also comes with a standard remote. 
⦁ 3.7V 1500mAh battery with a short charging time
⦁ Mist Spray from the back of the car
⦁ Full-body LED lighting to provide excellent visibility at night
⦁ Aerodynamic shape to minimize acceleration issues

Specs Overview

⦁ 30-minute running time
⦁ 40-50-meter control distance
⦁ 2.5-3-hour charging time
⦁ 18km/h
⦁ 3.7V 1500mAh battery
⦁ AA remote batteries
⦁ Flat mode size: 33x17.5x8.5cm
⦁ Off-road mode size: 26.5x17.5x12cm
⦁ 2.4GHz transmitter
⦁ Material: plastic
⦁ Weight: 750g


⦁ Perfect for most terrains
⦁ Easy operation through the hand-guided operation
⦁ Expertly designed
⦁ Promises equal fun during daytime and nighttime
⦁ Mecanum Wheels also used by the US military for omnidirectional movements


⦁ Limited colour options
⦁ Bad weather can be a huge problem

Buy if you…

⦁ Want an RC car that won’t be compromised by unforgiving terrain
⦁ Are looking for innovative control technology
⦁ Want to buy your child something really unique

 Don’t buy if You...

⦁ Want numerous colour options


⦁ £74/$100

Best Budget RC Car Under £50/$50

WINNER: Growsland Remote Control Car

The Growsland Remote Car can be the best option if you’re on a budget. It’s a fully functional, elegant, and aerodynamic car with a 2.7MHz controller. The controller can efficiently move the car in all directions, and the RC car responds well to the commands.

The Growsland comes with just two joysticks, making it easy to use for children of nearly all ages. Its max speed is eight kilometres per hour, rendering it harmless.

The car features solid materials, too. It’s made of non-toxic, high-quality plastic that’s painted yellow and is scratch-resistant. You can use the car both indoors and outdoors, owing to well-designed wheels. They resist the traction of roads and can cross most cracks smoothly.

The main drawback of the Growsland is the controllers. If you use two cars, they’ll operate on the same frequency, which may cause interference when racing in the same area. In addition, the speed is great for kids but not exactly for adults looking for fast-paced action


⦁ Sturdy materials, rubber tires, and non-toxic ABS plastic that can’t harm the user
⦁ Resistant to road friction and handles cracks well
⦁ Top speed of eight kilometres per hour
⦁ Fairly lightweight
⦁ Minimal learning curve due to the user manual
⦁ Functional lights
⦁ Comes with a user manual

Specs Overview

⦁ ABS plastics
⦁ Rubber tire
⦁ 1:18 scale
⦁ Size: 25x11x5.5cm
⦁ Eight kilometres per hour
⦁ Weight: 0.25 kilograms


⦁ Fairly durable
⦁ Easy to operate
⦁ Harmless speed and materials
⦁ Scratch-resistant
⦁ Lightweight and portable


⦁ Controlling two or more cars can lead to interference.
⦁ The speed isn’t suitable for adults who need faster cars.

Buy if you…

⦁ Need a solid entry-level car with a minimal learning curve
⦁ Are looking for a safe source of fun for your kids
⦁ Want a lightweight yet sturdy RC car

Don’t buy if you…

⦁ Want a fast RC car for the outdoors
⦁ Plan on having races with several RC cars


⦁ £11/$15

Fastest RC Car

WINNER: Traxxas XO-1

Promising thrilling stunts and high speeds, the Traxxas XO-1 is the perfect choice if you want to prevail in your RC car races. Powered by a streamlined brushless motor, it can get up to a staggering 160 kilometres per hour. It’s also supported by a high-capacity 5000mAh battery that gives you approximately half an hour of uninterrupted driving.

In addition, the RC car boasts admirable configurations. Besides the motor, there’s also the 25.2 extreme ESC and a sturdy chassis. Its metal and plastic integration design, coupled with a high-quality chassis, promises durability and resistance to high impact.

The Traxxas XO-1 can perform comfortably on muddy and sandy surfaces due to large, all-terrain tires. You can drive on-road and off-road with seamless handling and minimal drama.

You also get slick tires to maximize your performance. There’s a zero-stretch belt to reinforce the rubber, and the molded inserts add stability to the threads. In addition, the wheels ensure 160kph (100mph) reliability.

More than that, the Traxxas XO-1 boasts a reliable suspension system. It gives you confidence when tackling uneven terrain and helps keep the components intact. As a result, the RC car can take a lot of abuse and come out unscathed.

Although it’s the fastest and surprisingly durable RC car, the Traxxas XO-1 has a few significant problems. Primarily, grassy surfaces seem to give the model a hard time since the wheels tend to get stuck in dense thickets. On top of that, the clearance is much lower than standard RC cars, making it inadequate for rocky terrain.

Some may also produce excess clicking and grinding with every wheel motion, which can be pretty annoying.


⦁ Mighty motor that delivers phenomenal speeds
⦁ Dependable suspension for smooth rides
⦁ Works well for asphalt and muddy terrain
⦁ Tires that support high speeds
⦁ High-capacity battery to extend your ride

Specs Overview

⦁ Traxxas Big Block brushless motor
⦁ 25.2V extreme ESC
⦁ Chassis
⦁ Extruded aluminium driveshaft
⦁ Sealed differentials
⦁ Computer-optimized aerodynamics
⦁ Steel-spine dual CV driveshaft
⦁ 160+ kilometres per hour
⦁ Speed-rated belted tires
⦁ Size: 68.6x29.5x12.7cm


⦁ Enough speed for the most daring drivers
⦁ Solid off-road performance, especially considering it’s not a monster truck
⦁ Highly flexible and resilient to impact
⦁ Tires accommodate fast-paced action
⦁ Excellent handling


⦁ It isn’t ideal for thick grass
⦁ Low ground clearance
⦁ Too much noise with each wheel spin

Buy if you…

⦁ Want to drive at the highest speed possible
⦁ Need an RC car that works great both indoors and outdoors
⦁ Would rather not worry about excess shock to your RC car

Don’t buy if you…

⦁ Find strange noises coming from the wheel too annoying
⦁ Plan on traversing rocky terrain


⦁ £580/$800

Best RC Car for Stunts


The BOT CARZ A1 isn’t only the best overall RC car of 2021 – it’s also the best stunt car. It allows you to perform flips and tricks like no other product due to an array of nifty features.

The Mecanum Wheels as equipped will come in handy when performing your stunts, as you’ll be able to move the RC car in any direction. Whether you want to perform simple jumps or engage in blood-pumping 360-degree stunts, the A1 won’t let you down.

The tires are built to facilitate your stunts with several valuable components. They boast non-slip threads, powerful grip, and outstanding wear resistance. They also allow for seamless drifting due to a unique design with rollers.

If you wish to add special effects to your stunts, the A1 has got you covered. It comes with a cool fog function that produces fog while your RC car is in motion. Once you’ve removed the lid near the spoiler and added water, the feature will be ready to go. The car also lets you play your favourite tunes for an even more immersive experience.

The A1 is a top-grade RC car for stunts, but you may want to keep the play to favourable weather conditions. High winds may knock the vehicle off-balance, and rain might compromise the interior.


See section 1

Specs Overview

See section 1


⦁ Omnidirectional movements allow for creative stunts
⦁ 360-degree rotation
⦁ Well-built tires to improve stability during stunts
⦁ Exceptional drifting
⦁ Fog effect and music for total immersion


⦁ May not perform as well in unpleasant weather conditions

Buy if you…

⦁ Enjoy creative stunts
⦁ Want to flip your RC car in any direction without damaging the components
⦁ Demand absolute stability

Don’t buy if you…

⦁ Don’t want to risk damaging the RC car in bad weather


See Section 1 or visit botcarz.com

Best RC Car for Off-Road

WINNER: Soyee RTR 4WD Monster Truck

Amazon / SoyeeThese are some of the best remote controlled cars 2021 photo 5

If you’re looking for seamless off-road RC adventures, you can’t go wrong with the Soyee RTR 4WD Monster Truck. It comes with a robust dual motor and 2.2kg torque servo. The components contribute to a top speed of around 45 kilometres per hour, and there are even two speed modes. You’re likely to enjoy the racing experience in fast mode.

This all-terrain monster truck utilizes its terrific suspension system, heavy-duty wheels, and bouncing springs to tackle the harshest surfaces. You also get excellent grip and shock absorption, allowing you to traverse difficult obstacles, race on lawns, climb mountains, and cross waterlogged roads. There’s a splash-resistant ESC to help deliver optimal stability.

Another great thing about the car is the 4x4 wheel drive. Coupled with the tough tires, this RC car is a formidable off-road crawler. It delivers a thrilling ride, but the controls could be better. Sometimes, the Soyee doesn’t respond quickly to your commands, which can prove disastrous when facing rocks or other dangerous obstacles. The monster truck comes in a 1:10 scale, making it larger than most RC cars. There are also metal ball bearings designed for harsh environments and rugged roads. The ball bearings are also sealed to prevent dust or water intrusion.

In addition, the car features two 1600mAh Li-Ion batteries and an efficient battery supply system. The charging time is approximately three hours, with a continuous playing time of 15+15 minutes.

Even though the RTR 4WD has been designed for unforgiving terrain, the monster truck isn’t fail-proof. More specifically, the wheels may malfunction after a few weeks and stop spinning. All four wheels could develop this problem.


⦁ Robust design to take on off-road terrain
⦁ Able to cross shallow puddles and cracked roads relatively easy
⦁ 45 kilometres per hour top speed, impressive for an all-terrain RC car
⦁ Reliable shockproof components and excellent grip
⦁ High-quality suspension and bouncing springs to minimize wear and tear
⦁ 60-splash-resistant ECS

Specs Overview

⦁ Plastic exterior
⦁ Heavy-duty tires
⦁ 1:10 scale
⦁ Size: 34.5x30x16.5cm
⦁ 45 kilometres per hour
⦁ Weight: 2.5 kilograms
⦁ USB charger
⦁ LED lights
⦁ 5-wire servo


⦁ Ability to survive crashes
⦁ Superlative shock and water resistance
⦁ High speed for a monster truck
⦁ Powerful motor
⦁ Large scale


⦁ Could become irresponsive at times.
⦁ Wheels are susceptible to malfunctions and total breakdowns.

Buy if yYou…

⦁ Enjoy crossing challenging terrain with your RC car
⦁ Want an RC car whose body won’t break after a few collisions
⦁ Need a combination of high speeds and extreme durability

Don’t buy if you…

⦁ Can’t afford to replace your RC car wheels
⦁ Can’t tolerate below average responsivity


⦁ £95/$130

Best RC Car for Beginners and Kids


BotcarzThese are some of the best remote controlled cars 2021 photo 6

The BOT CARZ A1 triumphs in yet another category – the best RC car for beginners and adults. This is because it has a simple design that accommodates young children. At the same time, it’s infused with a slew of advanced features to keep adults engaged.

The A1 is primarily designed for five-year-olds, but kids as young as three also seem to have a blast with the RC car. It moves around a lot due to its omnidirectional functionality, allowing your children to stay active. It’s also perfect for improving hand-eye coordination owing to the motion-sensing technology.

What is more, all the controls are easily accessible, whether your kids use the joystick or the hand controller. The A1 is excellent for children with disabilities because it can be operated with just one hand.
Additionally, the thick tires and premium materials provide a durable and safe RC car. The car will go easy on your kids, reducing the risk of injuries.

We’ve already covered how adults can make the most of the BOT CARZ A1. The main highlights include relatively high speeds, excellent off-road performance, remarkable stunt capabilities, and lights that suit nighttime action.

The cons are the same as in the previous two categories. You can only choose between two colour schemes, and inclement weather may jeopardize the RC car’s functionality.


See section 1

Specs Overview

See section 1


⦁ Suitable for children of nearly all ages
⦁ Omnidirectional movements engage kids and keep them active
⦁ Perfect for children with disabilities due to one-hand operation
⦁ Safe materials
⦁ Packed with features for adults and more advanced users


⦁ Limited colour choices
⦁ Unable to handle extreme weather conditions

Buy if you…

⦁ Want a safe RC car for your children
⦁ Are looking for an RC car for kids with disabilities
⦁ Need a vehicle that accommodates both children and adults

Don’t buy if you…

⦁ Require an RC car that comes in certain colours


See section 1 or visit botcarz.com

Best RC Car for Advanced Users

WINNER: Enoze 4WD Rally Buggy

The Enoze 4WD Rally Buggy is a great RC car for advanced users. It comes with advanced systems and a myriad of configurations.

This four-wheel-drive racing car features high-quality components for seamless driving. It boasts LED lights to power your sessions after dark. There’s also a high-speed motor that lets you drive the car at about 40 kilometres per hour.

Unlike conventional RC car configurations, the Enoze Rally Buggy has wider rear wheels to enhance your gripping power. The front-wheel lines are also well-designed to help them rotate more easily. You also get two 7.4V 850mAh batteries that combine for 40 minutes of uninterrupted driving.

Equipped with a 2.4GHz synchronous remote control, this RC car delivers excellent responsiveness. It can also be throttle-controlled with 10 speed settings and 10 ratios. As a result, you get a large number of racing levels that can be controlled from 80 meters.

Furthermore, the car is equipped with a fully-covered metal sink that accelerates motor heat dissipation to extend the motor’s lifetime. This feature lets you enjoy your RC car for much longer.

Complementing the state-of-the-art interior is a hardy exterior. The wheels are equipped with metal springs to help you tackle unexpected drops and uneven surfaces easily. Plus, the car delivers high performance on various types of terrain, such as concrete, sand, and rock.

Overall, the Rally Buggy is a fantastic source of fun for RC car enthusiasts, but only if you end up with one that’s in good condition. Some models can have mechanical defects, primarily the brakes. Once you let go of the throttle, the brakes may drag and prevent you from reaching top speed.


⦁ High-speed motor
⦁ A huge number of speed settings promises customizable driving
⦁ 2.5GHz synchronous remote control helps ensure much-needed responsiveness
⦁ Enhanced gripping power and seamless rotation
⦁ High-capacity batteries

Specs Overview

⦁ 4WD drive system
⦁ 40 kilometres per hour
⦁ 40 minutes of playing time
⦁ 120 minutes of charging time
⦁ AA remote control batteries
⦁ Remote distance: about 80 meters
⦁ Size: 25x19x10cm


⦁ Great for advanced users with its various configurations
⦁ High-quality components
⦁ Operable from a large distance
⦁ Lower charging time than most other RC cars
⦁ Extended driving time to prolong your racing adventures


⦁ Brakes can sometimes hinder your performance

Buy if you…

⦁ Want to experiment with different speed settings
⦁ Enjoy high speeds from long distances
⦁ Value firm grip

Don’t buy if you…

⦁ Are a beginner
⦁ Want to avoid the occasional brake repair


⦁ £44/$60

Find the Perfect Gift

All the RC cars on our list perform phenomenally, depending on their purpose. For instance, the Traxxas XO-1 is the fastest, whereas the best car for off-road driving is the Soyee RTR 4WD Monster Truck.
But if you’re looking for the most versatile RC car, look no further than the BOT CARZ A1. It generates enough speed to keep adults engaged, yet it’s safe enough for children. It works terrific on several types of terrain, handling mud and sand like a breeze. It also looks amazing due to full-body lighting, and the one-hand operation works like a charm.


Can You Build Your Own Car?

You can build your own RC car if you have all the necessary parts and instructions. Another option is to purchase a kit that comes with all of the parts ready-made.

Some people start with a DIY kit since it usually has all the components they need. They can build their own car from scratch later on.

Your RC car can be as basic or as detailed as you want. It also provides plenty of room to customize the vehicle according to your preferences, making the process highly satisfying.

Regardless of the approach, there are numerous benefits to building your own car, such as full personalization and customization. You also get to challenge yourself to create a fully functional vehicle.

What Batteries Do RC Cars Take?

Most RC car batteries come with stickers or some other printed markings. They describe the type of batteries required. Here are the most common solutions:

⦁ Alkaline: Alkaline batteries are non-rechargeable, most commonly AA batteries used in remote controllers or transmitters.
⦁ Ni-Cd (Nickel Cadmium): These batteries are rechargeable, environmentally unfriendly, and plagued by the memory effect.
⦁ NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride): NiMH batteries are rechargeable and easy to maintain.
⦁ LiPo (Lithium-ion Polymer): The final type boasts high energy density, lightweight, and consistent power discharge. However, they’re more volatile, and their lifespans are shorter than some other types.

In general, low-end RC cars use inexpensive NiMH batteries. High-end Li-Po-ready vehicles often come with no batteries or chargers, enabling users to purchase items specifically designed for the vehicle.

Are There RC Car Clubs?

There are RC car clubs where people talk about their favourite RC cars and race each other. Many also host blogs and social accounts. Members can make connections with numerous people who want to hear about the club, inviting new people to join.

Whenever a new person becomes a member, an RC car club gains access to a unique skill set. As a result, their races become more exciting.

Do Any RC Cars Go Above 100 MPH?

The Traxxas XO-1 is the only car that can go above 100mph (160kph). It reaches its top speed in just five seconds, making it a supercar. Like a Ferrari or McLaren, it boasts an aerodynamically optimized body for extra downforce and stability at higher velocities.

Bear in mind that surpassing 100mph with the XO-1 requires two 3S 5000-mAh Li-Po batteries for the brushless motor. You should also perform your speed tests on smooth asphalt as the vehicle sits practically tucked into the ground. The ground clearance is just 0.59 inches (1.5 centimetres), meaning rocks and other debris can be catastrophic at this speed.

Electric RC Car vs. Petrol/Gas

Most people are torn between petrol/gas and electric RC cars. Each type offers distinct advantages.

The most significant benefit of using electric motors is the lack of expendable fuel. Once your battery depletes, all you have to do is recharge it to get back into action. When the battery kicks the bucket, replacing it shouldn’t give you a hard time, either.

On the other hand, gas-powered RC cars might be best in terms of the duration before needing a refill. Since they run on internal combustion engines, they also behave like real motor cars. Some drivers appreciate the satisfying sound because it gives them insight into the vehicle’s performance. This may even make them feel like they’re behind the wheel of a full-sized truck or car.