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(Pocket-lint) - The concept of wireless charging has been around for a few years now. But, unfortunately, it hasn’t entirely broken through the mainstream just yet. Premium electronic brands have started offering wireless chargers and charging stations with their products, but usually as overpriced add-ons. That’s why most people still spend their days hunting for sockets to plug in numerous devices, be they laptops, cellphones, portable speakers, watches, or tablets.

Thanks to advances in wireless charging technologies, we now have the ability to ditch all cables and wires. You can keep your battery fully charged at all times and declutter your workspace with wireless chargers. However, most people don’t know how to go about purchasing wireless chargers because different devices seem to have different requirements, and it’s a pretty complex maze to navigate. But MAGFASTzFAST makes the transition a breeze.

With MAGFAST, you can find convenient wireless charging solutions for all of your devices. If you want to finally ditch all of your cables and wires, it’s time to consider MAGFAST chargers.

What is MAGFAST?

MAGFAST is a comprehensive family of six premium Qi-certified wireless chargers compatible with most modern electronic devices. They’re the ideal accompaniment for your premium, cutting-edge devices and technologies. MAGFAST wireless chargers are compatible with micro-USB, USB-C, USB-A, Apple Lightning, and Qi wireless charging. As such, they can work with all of your devices, old and new, including tablets, e-readers, smartphones, and laptops.

How do wireless chargers work?

Wireless chargers work using the same technology and capabilities as rechargeable electric toothbrushes and induction stoves. The transmitting coil within the charger connects with the receiving coil in your device, which, in turn, is connected to the device’s battery. As such, the charger converts electricity into an alternating electromagnetic field and sends it to your device, which transmits it to the battery in the form of electricity, powering up your device.

What is Qi wireless charging?

Qi (pronounced chee) wireless charging is currently the most popular and effective form of wireless charging. It’s the globally standardized form of wireless charging, especially amongst technology companies like Apple. The advantage of using Qi wireless chargers is that they’re compatible with all Qi-certified products, which is currently all of them. Regardless of your product’s brand or design, you can charge it with a Qi-certified wireless charger — you don’t need multiple chargers for different devices.

The benefits of Qi wireless chargers:

  • Global recognition and standardization
  • Minimal radiation
  • No need for wires and cables
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Highly durable
  • No risk of overheating

MAGFAST provides six Qi-certified wireless products:

Between the six devices listed above, you can charge any device or product using any method. MAGFAST wireless chargers are designed with a ‘snap to charge’ technology that makes them compatible with each other as well. They can also snap together with a family-safe voltage to increase their functionality and versatility. The devices also come with a MAGFAST Care warranty of three years, which can be upgraded to 6 or more years as well.

Charge multiple devices at once with MAGFAST Extreme

Wireless charging pads, also known as wireless charging mats, are devices that can charge all of your products at once. They’re usually connected to a power source, and you can place multiple devices on them for wireless charging. It’s like charging multiple devices with one power source. However, most wireless charging pads have to be connected to one power source, so they’re not completely wireless or portable.

MAGFAST Extreme is one of the world’s first truly wireless superchargers. It’s a wireless charging mat with three integrated Qi-certified wireless charging stations. That means you can place multiple devices, such as cellphones, earphones, and watches, for charging. The super-charger can keep all of your devices alive for several days. It’s also compatible with other MAGFAST wireless devices, such as MAGFAST Wall, making it truly portable.

MAGFAST Extreme comes with a bonus 12v outlet, which means you can use jumper cables to jump-start your car. It truly lives up to its name and takes wireless charging to the next level.

Selecting Qi-certified products for wireless charging

These days, most electronic devices are designed with Qi wireless charging capabilities. However, just to be sure, you can explore your product’s specifications before making a purchase. When you go through the product’s battery or power sections, you should look for terms like “wireless charging” or, even better, “Qi wireless charging.” That will offer the assurance that your device will be compatible with all MAGFAST wireless chargers.