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(Pocket-lint) - At the tail-end of 2020, Harley-Davidson's Serial 1 electric bicycle was unveiled to the world. And people lost their minds.

When the Serial 1 went on sale, however, it arrived in various formats - as covered in our review here - but never in that original form.

Well, that's just changed: the Mosh/Tribute has gone on sale for $5,999 in the USA, largely depicting the original prototype. But there's just 650 of them being made, half of which are destined for Europe.

At the time of writing the large frame size has already sold out, so if you're looking for a medium frame then act fast. Pre-orders are open on the Serial 1 site right now, with shipping expected for 'holiday 2021'.

The Mosh/Tribute special edition comes with special flourishes: there's the Brooks leather saddle, the leather handlebar grips, black gloss paint and white Schwalbe tyres. It doesn't entirely ape the prototype though: the drive belt, for example, is black rather than brown; and there's a separate light rather than the illuminating S1 logo.

The Mosh/Tribute is similar to the Mosh/Cty, which we found the most 'Harley' to ride. The bike features a single-speed freewheel hub and 529Wh electric motor, allowing you to maintain speeds of up to 20mph.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 20 September 2021.
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