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(Pocket-lint) - EcoFlow's just building more and more fantastic products for your home or travelling needs. No more do you need to rely on a smelly generator or lead-acid battery for your electricity needs when the power goes out or on a trip away from home. The DELTA Max is the newest portable power station and is an addition to the DELTA Series, fitting nicely between the DELTA and DELTA Pro.

The DELTA Max is the central piece in a system that delivers efficient power to you whenever you need it. It can be combined with Solar Panels, connected to your home's power outlets, and can be extended with further batteries to give you enough power range to last you days if needed. For all its versatility, the EcoFlow DELTA Max comes in at a reasonable price. For only $2,099, you get a portable power station that keeps the lights on no matter where you are.

To see what else EcoFlow has to offer, or to see which additions you might like to add to the DELTA Max, head over to EcoFlow's site.

EcoFlowEcoFlow DELTA MAX photo 3

X-Boost technology

You might think that because the DELTA Max is so portable that it has no use in the home. But in reality, there's little better when the power goes off unexpectedly.

With an industry-leading 3400W thanks to the X-Boost technology, it'll power 99% of appliances. That means that there are very few appliances in your home that can't get powered by the DELTA Max. It's only those very thirsty devices that need a significant amount of power that are beyond the Max, but those are few and far between.

If you're out of the house, though, then you'll basically have all the power you'd need. Even in a camper van where there's an extra battery system in place, the DELTA Max is a better solution. It's far more efficient, has more power, and has a greater capacity, as you can see below.

EcoFlowEcoFlow DELTA MAX photo 4

On the road

Because all of our most important devices have batteries and constantly need recharging, when you're on the road it's important to have your own source of power to do so. Sure, you can get a handful of those power banks to keep your phone and cameras topped up, but those can only go so far.

A much better solution would be to get something like the EcoFlow DELTA Max. As it's a portable power station you could take it anywhere you'd go with a car.

With the Max, you have power for all your devices simultaneously, and with no shortage of charging speed. You don't have to rely on old tech like lead-acid batteries to keep your devices running, especially when you need to think about balancing the power of your devices versus the chances of your car or van starting up again.

And when the DELTA Max itself runs out of charge, then it's super easy to plug it into a super-fast charger to get it topped up again in no time.

EcoFlowEcoFlow DELTA MAX photo 1

Expandable battery capacity

The EcoFlow DELTA Max on its own has a battery capacity of 2016kWh, which is capable of powering a family home for a couple of hours in normal conditions, and one day in emergency conditions.

This isn't where it ends though, as the Max can be expandable, thanks to the addition of extra batteries. Up to two batteries can be added to the Delta Max, giving it a total 6048kWh capacity. This significantly extends the potential to power your home for a greater amount of time. As you'll see below, with the addition of a Solar Panel, you may even be able to rely solely on the EcoFlow DELTA Max as a power source if your home isn't too large.

EcoFlowEcoFlow DELTA MAX photo 5

Unlimited power supply with a Solar Panel

There's a great way to get the absolute most out of the EcoFlow DELTA Max, and that's to connect it to a Solar Panel. EcoFlow's Solar Panels are probably the best option too as their efficiency is second-to-none.

Specifically, the efficiency rating is between 21-22%, which is outstanding compared to most competition. And when the weather is looking particularly gloomy, the EcoFlow MPPT power station algorithm is there to ensure the performance of the panels is at its peak.

They're super durable too, with an IP67 rating for weather and lightweight design for excellent portability.

The DELTA Max will take between 3.2-6.3 hours to get fully charged with two 400W Solar Panels, but when you're camping or at home, there's no rush.

And to get the most efficient energy from the sun, then the Solar Tracker literally tracks the movement of the sun to avoid any shady spots.

After you get a Solar Panel, you basically get free energy.

EcoFlowEcoFlow DELTA MAX photo 6

Portable power

There are multiple ways to charge your DELTA Max, so it's quite versatile in this regard too. Thanks to EcoFlow’s patented X-Stream technology, the charging speed - and so charging time - is remarkably short.

From a standard AC outlet, you can get a maximum of 1800W, which is huge in itself. You can charge via solar too, as we covered above. But it's when you combine the charging methods that makes all the difference.

For example, if you use an AC outlet combined with 800W solar input then you can achieve a staggering 2000W charging. This will charge up a single DELTA Max in 1.6 hours. If you have the DELTA Max and an extra battery then that charging time climbs to 2.3 hours. But then with the extra capacity, it's all well worth it.

So it's clear that a combination of charging methods works best, but also very good to know that the X-Stream technology allows for superfast charging no matter which method you choose.