What makes the EcoFlow DELTA mini the ideal backup power for travelling

The perfect portable power station (image credit: EcoFlow)
You can take all the devices you'll ever need, and know they won't run out of power. (image credit: EcoFlow)
When the EcoFlow DELTA Mini eventually run out of juice, it take no time to get right back up. (image credit: EcoFlow)
Even at home, you can power the devices you need during your day-to-day life. (image credit: EcoFlow)
You can connect the DELTA Mini to a super efficient EcoFlow Solar Panel for ultimate independence. (image credit: EcoFlow)
Gone are the days of bulky, heavy batteries and generators with the EcoFlow DELTA Mini. (image credit: EcoFlow)
The DELTA Mini is versatile and powerful enough to take on home needs, as well as being amazing on the road. (image credit: EcoFlow)
With how much power it generates, it's amazing how small the DELTA Mini really is. (image credit: EcoFlow)