This DC-themed London restaurant uses projectors to create a truly immersive meal

It's not often a restaurant launches with a fully-immersive dining experience powered by detailed projections and themed around the world of DC comics. (image credit: Park Row)
Park Row in London has got a few different themed areas for visitors to check out, all based on elements of the world of DC's comics. (image credit: Park Row)
Book in for the £200 per person Monarch Theatre, though, and you'll get a far more out-there experience. (image credit: Park Row)
Epson has worked with the restaurant to a closed-off room where you can sample an 11-course tasting menu, each dish representing a character you'll recognise. (image credit: Park Row)
The real flair is provided by Epson's projection tech, which can change the entire feeling of the room based on the course. (image credit: Park Row)
We ate the Joker's course in a padded cell, Superman's dessert in a cornfield outside Smallville and Poison Ivy's delicacies in a slowly decaying forest. (image credit: Park Row)
The Monarch Theatre is open for bookings now if you've got the budget, and we think it could be a glimpse into where high-brow dining could be headed. (image credit: Park Row)
Check it out if you're in London sometime soon and have a penchant for DC. Just be warned - there's a strict 'no costume' policy! (image credit: Park Row)

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