Why the EcoFlow DELTA Pro is the essential portable power station for your home

This portable power station for your home is an alternative to a fossil fuel generator that can help keep your home powered. (image credit: EcoFlow)
It's part of a whole ecosystem of Smart Extra Batteries, Solar Trackers, Solar Panels, Smart Power Station, and a Smart Home Panel. (image credit: EcoFlow)
The Pro model marks the largest battery that EcoFlow has ever offered, with a capacity of 3.6kWh. (image credit: EcoFlow)
It's super easy to add on extra Smart Batteries to expand the power available, all the way to 25kWh. (image credit: EcoFlow)
Through EV charging, it will allow for 3000W charging; you can connect it to multiple ports, like a 240v outlet or Solar Panels to achieve 6500W. (image credit: EcoFlow)
EcoFlow's newest DELTA Pro model is currently only available through Kickstarter. It's smashed through its goal with a number of weeks left. (image credit: EcoFlow)
If peace of mind is what you want, then the EcoFlow DELTA Pro delivers. Just make sure to get in fast to enjoy the savings. (image credit: EcoFlow)

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