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(Pocket-lint) - After first launching in the US, PopSockets' MagSafe range is now available to buy in the UK.

The initial launch includes three products: The £29.99 PopGrip, the £39.99 PopWallet+, and the £14.99 PopGrip Slide Stretch. The interesting thing about these PopSockets is that they fit the iPhone 12 without any adhesive. That's because they rely on MagSafe, Apple's magnetic technology, to attach to the iPhone 12. Normally, PopSockets use adhesive strips.

Pocket-lint has an in-depth guide on how MagSafe works. When Apple released its iPhone 12 lineup, it introduced MagSafe and inspired an entirely new ecosystem of accessories, such as chargers, docks, cases, and mounts. 

With MagSafe, Apple essentially took the iPhone's wireless charging coil and added new components, like a magnetometer and an NFC reader. It then uses magnets to help align your iPhone to an accessory, like PopSockets.

Per usual, you can get any of the new MagSafe-supported PopSockets in a range of colours- from black and white to spearmint and periwinkle. There's even a marbled "gold lutz" and holographic "opal graphic". It's worth browsing PopSocket's UK store to see the full range.

For more about PopSockets, including its best-selling products, see our guide.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 5 August 2021.