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(Pocket-lint) - Want portable power on the go? We're exploring one option to charge all your gadgets while you're camping or somewhere else where power is hard to come by. The Bluetti/PowerOak AC50S is one of several portable power stations from the company. This one comes in both orange and blue and has a large battery capacity of 500Wh/135Ah. 

We took it on a camping trip to see how we got on with it, but the AC50S is also really handy if you often experience power outages at home because it can charge just about anything. 

Firstly, it has DC and AC outputs so you can charge just about anything and you can turn the AC or DC outputs on and off depending on what you need. As well as a DC 12V/9A car charging socket there are dual 230V standard UK power outlets.

When we went camping we used both of these to power an iPad as well as an electric coolbox which was really very handy. It's ideal for powering a light while you're camping too - although the rear of the unit has its own lamp should you need and it'll even flash with SOS signals if you get in trouble.

Even though we powered the coolbox all day the battery only depleted by around 20 percent. 


Then there are four USB-A 5V/3A outputs for charging phones as well as a 45W USB-C port that you can use to charge laptops, tablets or phones. And, should your phone have wireless charging you can pop it on top of the unit in between the carry handles. This is especially handy as you can just place the phone on top without needing to get out other cables. 

The device is charged using an included AC adapter, but should you wish to charge the AC50S on the go, you can do that with a solar panel. 

We found the LCD screen really handy - it'll show you how much capacity remains in the battery as well as how much power is being discharged at the time. 

Overall we loved testing out the AC50S when camping - it's an ideal device to take with you when you're visiting the great outdoors. If you're going on a trip without power this is one of the best ways to juice up your devices.

Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 15 July 2021.