21 hilarious tech support requests and user errors you won't believe

A printer problem to top all printer problems. This one is burning everything it prints. (image credit: UsablePizza)
Worryingly, this use is not only called "user1" but also has a password hint that tells you the password is the same as the login name. (image credit: Kerberos42)
This PC was overheating and turning itself off regularly. Turns out there was a wasp's nest inside. Terrifying. (image credit: EDD1E1422)
Gamers love a good lightweight gaming mouse and this person has tried to make their own by drilling holes. (image credit: Precastpie)
We've written before about people that create incredibly neat works of art with cables. This is an absolute mess of cables that would likely make anyone wince.  (image credit: The_Revolutionary)
The user reported that their PC had shut off and then wouldn't turn back on afterwards. This was why. A mass of dust on the CPU radiator. (image credit: Rennsport_Dota)
IT was called to help with printer issues. The printer wouldn't print. That's probably because the paper is still in the bag it came in.  (image credit: MirrorlikeTent)
This motherboard is so dirty it looks like it's a view of an ancient temple discovered in the depths of a big desert that's just been subjected to a sandstorm.  (image credit: 1Darkest_Knight1)
Here a user was complaining that their USB thumb drive wasn't working when it was plugged into their laptop. That's the ethernet port they're using. (image credit: nopenotamish)
Space heaters and extension leads don't mix well. (image credit: Majahzi)
Engineers were called out to deal with reports that there was an internet outage in Mexico they were greeted with this view of a bullet lodged in the cable. (image credit: half-baked_axx)
Yes, that's a laptop strapped to the side of the desk. The employee was told not to close the lid or the monitor wouldn't work. (image credit: havetolovemusic)
Some mad person has washed their motherboard like they were washing up crockery after a good meal.  (image credit: --TyDog--)
In this case, the customer apparently reported noticing a "slight" burning smell when using their laptop. It's easy to see why. (image credit: Wimbodimbo)
Not only is someone using an Apple product as a doorstop, they're also keeping a firedoor open, which is not sensible.  (image credit: SlothMaster43)
This photo was taken by an electrician while doing some portable appliance testing. Yes, that's a screw bit inserted into a plug where a fuse should be.  (image credit: kryptopeg)
Electronics and liquids do not mix. This user tried to put it in the oven to dry it out.   (image credit: smarthawk)
This PlayStation 5 was bought in for repair because some young gamer had tried a bit too hard to get the HDMI cable plugged in. (image credit: cdq1985)
This photo was used as an advert for a hot glue gun on Facebook. Why would you ever need to apply glue to the motherboard like this? To keep the CPU in place? (image credit: kubricktwobricks)
One user plugged in a USB dongle for a wireless keyboard, then wondered why it wasn't working. The protective plastic might have been a problem.  (image credit: sKiLoVa4liFeZzZ)
Everyone loves getting something for nothing, but this "free" laptop might not be the bargain it appears to be. (image credit: ilovesalome88)

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