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(Pocket-lint) - Running out of power is a problem that can affect all kinds of occasions, whether it's a camping trip or a neighbourhood power cut, so have a reliable source of power to hand can be a really game-changing tactic.

Bluetti makes brilliant power banks that let you charge your belongings, supply power to lights and devices and much more. Its new power station, the EP500, is one of its best ever, using solar power to act as an independent generator, and you can reserve your own on Kickstarter right now. Here are some of the reason why it could be a brilliant idea.

Massive capacity

The key to any power station is, of course, how much power it can store, to charge your devices and power various uses - Bluetti has made sure that the EP500 has exemplary abilities in this area. That translates to a huge 5100Wh capacity, enough to power you for hours. 

That translates to over 33,000mAh, enough to charge your phone loads of times over, or power far more powerful gadgets, too. If you need to light up a campsite, or power up an appliance like a toaster or portable oven, this is the perfect power source, and it's a huge upgrade over the portable chargers you might have used before. It's rated for a 2000Watt AC output, so it's entirely able to power even power-hungry devices. 

Loads of ways to recharge

Keeping the EP500 charged is also something you have loads of control over - there are many ways to power it back up. You can charge it from a wall outlet, a gas-fired generator, a lead-acid battery or even a car's cigarette port. 

One of the very best choices, though, is its solar charging compatibility, which can let you harvest the power of the sun and get free power. It can take up to 1200W of solar input, which means that the EP500 can be fully recharged via solar in just 5 hours under ideal conditions. That's a brilliant option to have in your back pocket, letting you get off-grid if needed, but you can even charge it from both solar and AC power simultaneously if needed.

Plus, the EP500's LiFePo4 battery is rated to keep at least 80% of its capacity after a huge 6,000 cycles, meaning you can rely on it to keep working for absolutely ages.

BluettiEP500 photo 1

Charge all your devices

Of course, another key factor when it comes to actually use the Bluetti EP500 is how many devices it can give power to, and in what ways. That's why it has loads of different ports that you can use, letting you power things via USB-A and USB-C, via DC and AC power, and even two wireless charging mats on top of the unit.

This means that a whole family could charge their devices from it without having to make sure they've got all their adapters at all times, making it even more perfect for a camping trip or holiday where you don't want to go without your devices. 

BluettiEP500 photo 2

Smart features

The Bluetti EP500 has a smart-touch LCD display to let you easily choose what it's doing and get quick checks on its charging status and output, which is a great way to keep track of how much power it has left. 

You can also control it via a companion app on your smartphone, which is even more convenient in some ways, letting you keep things rolling even if you're not right next to the power station. Plus, when you're at home again you can integrate it into your home circuit really easily as backup power in case there's a power cut - it can do that for up to 30 days, which could be a real life-saver if bad weather or other unforeseen events happen.

These are just a handful of the many reasons to think about picking up a Bluetti EP500 - and you can order your very own right now through Kickstarter