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(Pocket-lint) - We're huge fans of Cowboy's ebikes, which are comfortably some of the very best on the market for urban cyclists, with clean and modern design plus some seriously useful features.

The real jewel in its crown has long been the easily removable battery, which makes charging way less of a hassle, but it's just got another feature that can't be matched by too many competitors. 

It's integrating information from air-quality monitors BreezoMeter to let riders plan routes that avoid spots where air quality is particularly poor, just like you might opt to choose a slower but quiter route through Google Maps.

That means that in busy areas such as the centre of London you can give your lungs a fighting chance by avoiding particularly terrible intersections on the emissions front. 

The Cowboy app, already one of the best we've tested, now shows you air quality information as you check its map screen, plus information about what the different levels of air quality actually mean. Then, as you plan a route you'll have the option to swap to one with superior air quality, albeit what's likely to be a slower journey time.

That's a super smart feature - we knew it was coming when we tested the Cowboy 3 but couldn't use it. Anything that can help people to avoid areas that could harm their health is something we're keen to encourage, though.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 9 February 2021.
  • Source: Smart Mobility Brand Cowboy Partners with BreezoMeter for Electric Bike Cleaner Route Planning - blog.breezometer.com
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