(Pocket-lint) - Gocycle has confirmed that it has already started production on the next-generation of its popular electric bicycles, the Gocycle G4 and G4i.

Sharing only a glimpse of the new design, we've learnt that there will be an all-carbon front fork for the new models that are due to replace the GX and GXi.

Gocycle has found fame with growing global e-bike demand. Having originally launched the Gocycle over 10 years ago, the clever drive system and quick release wheels can still be found on its bikes, with the big change over recent years to a more substantial folding system.

While the original models could quickly be packed up for storage, it was the quick folding mechanism introduced on the 2019 Gocycle GX that really appealed. It means you can fold your bike in seconds, store it under your desk or easily on a train - or put it in the boot of just about any car.

We're not sure what happens to the fixed-frame G3 version, with Gocycle saying that the G4 is replacing those folding models. The GX is the standard version, while the GXi gets some premium additions, like an LED light bar on the handlebars and auto shifter to control the gears.

We're expecting the full details to be revealed in March, but Gocycle has given us an insight into the model range, detailing that there will be a G4, G4i and G4i+. The prices will start at £3199/€3499/$3999 for the G4.

"Our generation four Gocycle range not only sets a new standard for Gocycle, but will raise the bar for all of our competitors in the folding electric bike segment … It's the most significant step change in development we have ever made and I cannot wait to reveal more details!" said Richard Thorpe, designer and founder of Gocycle.

Writing by Chris Hall.