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(Pocket-lint) - At this year's virtual-only CES, PopSockets has announced quite a few of its products will be compatible with MagSafe.

Last autumn, Apple revealed that new accessories will be able to attach to the iPhone 12 via an updated technology called MagSafe. A few partners were teased at the time, leading many to speculate about PopSockets, which later confried it would add compatibility.

Now, PopSockets is announcing a slew of product updates with a rough release timeline. The first item on deck is the ever-popular PopGrip.

There are actually three PopGrip updates:

  • PopGrip for MagSafe: Attaches magnetically to MagSafe cases for iPhone 12 devices
  • PopGrip Slide for iPhone 12: Attaches mechanically to the sides of the Apple Silicone Case.
  • PopGrip Slide Stretch: Attaches mechanically to the sides of most cases.

PopSockets is also announcing a MagSafe version of its PopWallet Plus, which is essentially a wallet with a built-in PopGrip.

In addition, PopSockets is debuting two mounts - one for home and one for the car - that will use MagSafe. Finally, the company revealed an antimicrobial version of the PopGrip and a multitool PopGrip made with SOG. These all should arrive this summer. No word yet on pricing.

As for the new PopGrips and PopWallet Plus for MagSafe, they should launch in spring 2021. Again, PopSocket didn't announce pricing.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.