(Pocket-lint) - Like shopping? Looking for the best deal out there? Great, because a brand-new site - from Pocket-lint.com - has just launched allowing you to hunt out some of the best shopping deals on the web in the UK, US, and parts of Europe harnessing the tech we're already using on many pages on the Pocket-lint already. 

Squirrel, found at www.bestsquirreldeals.com, tracks hundreds of thousands of prices on over 20 million products from almost 11,000 trusted retailers every couple of hours to show the best price for your favourite shopping items to help you save money.

Just like squirrels that run off into the woods to collect the best nuts and bring them home, the site's Squirrels (widgets) do the same, only with the best deals they can find online instead.

Here are five reasons to use Squirrel:

It saves you money

Hunting around for the best deal can be tiring. The prices change, retailers might be out of stock, and you might not even remember which stores to check in the first place. That's where Squirrel comes in. It does all the hard work for you, checking thousands of retailers every couple of hours to help you find best price for what you're looking for. It will even tell you whether the item is in stock or selling out fast.

Squirrel searches the whole web in your location

Squirrel makes sure it shows the right product with the right retailers and the right price where you are. If you're visiting from the US, you'll only see trusted US retailers and US prices. It's the same for the UK too. And Squirrel is expanding to include more retailers in places like France, Germany, Spain and the rest of Europe too.

20,000,000 products

With over 20 million products in its "digital warehouse", you'll be hard pushed to not find what you are looking for. Squirrel has prices on the best-selling TVs, laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, baby products, DIY & tools, and much more. The prices are updated every couple of hours to make sure it shows the best prices that it can find from the retailers it is tracking.

Squirrel only recommends products from trusted retailers 

Squirrel only works with trusted retailers that it knows and trusts. That's right, you won't find any retailer on the site that hasn't been vetted by Squirrel. That means you can be assured that when you click through to buy something, you'll be visiting only genuine reputable retailers that you can trust.

Get Today's Best deals 

Because Squirrel tracks thousands of deals across thousands of retailers each and every day, it can highlight the best deals it finds from the retailers it tracks. So, whether that's money off that must-have new gadget, or a gift for a friend or loved one, Squirrel has plenty of suggestions to pick from.

Check out Squirrel today

Writing by Stuart Miles.