(Pocket-lint) - Gocycle is responsible for one of the most distinctive electric bikes on the road. Drawing from founder Richard Thorpe's experience in automotive design, formerly of McLaren Cars, Gocycle has always offered a degree of flexibility in stowage, thanks to the unique design.

The Gocycle G3+ draws from a number of previous models to create a unique combination of features on top the G3, but there will only be 300 models available for this £3999 limited edition.

That includes the lightweight but strong magnesium frame, but incorporating the folding handlebars that appeared on the 2019 Gocycle GX, the company's faster folding bike. The addition of these bars means it's less fiddly to get your G3+ into a more compact form, so you can throw it into the back of your car or slide it under your desk.

The Gocycle G3+ will also get carbon wheels, with the Pitstopwheels making it really easy to remove the wheels just by flicking open three levers.

There's a daytime running light built into the handlebars, while all the cables are routed inside the frame for a really clean finish.

It will be available in six colours, including green, red and a striking yellow.

There's a 375Wh battery that will give you a 50-mile range, and it's a pedal-assist system, whereby you have to be putting in some effort before the motor swings in to take up some of the slack. You can read up on the experience in our Gocycle G3 review - it really is a sublime riding experience.

With electric bikes seeing a huge surge in popularity, we're sure that Gocycle's special edition will sell out, even with an asking price of £3999/€4499/$4999.

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Writing by Chris Hall.