(Pocket-lint) - The EE Pocket-lint Awards enters its 17th year in 2020. Once again we have whittled down hundreds of products to a select few that will be crowned the best-of-the-best in their category for this year. With 20 categories each year it's no easy feat.

But which gadgets have won the coveted "Product of the Year" award in the 17 years we've been running the Awards? We've rounded up the winners so you can see what gadgets have defined almost two decades of consumer tech since Pocket-lint started.

And don't forget you can have your say in this year's winners by voting on the EE Pocket-lint Awards 2020 shortlist.

Here are the Pocket-lint Awards winners all the way back to 2005. How many of them did you own?

Product of the Year 2019

Nissan Leaf e+

The most popular product amongst all the winners in 2020 was the Nissan Leaf e+. Not only does it set the standard for a more conscientious, greener future, it's a superb looking car, to boot. Splendid.

Product of the Year 2018

Huawei P20 Pro

The Huawei P20 Pro is the Pocket-lint readers' and judges' favourite smartphone of the year 2018. It is also the product of the year, full stop. In many ways, this might come as a surprise, but it is an incredible device for its price and a real indication that Huawei is now mixing it with the big boys in this field.

Product of the Year 2017

Nintendo Switch

The Switch is a revolutionary console. It doesn't fade in the face of PS4 or Xbox One, it strides down its own path. With an amazing selection of games that continues to grow, for many it'll redefine on-the-go gaming, not just at-home gaming, thanks to top first-party titles. 

Product of the Year 2016

Amazon Echo

The Echo is more about Alexa, Amazon's personal assistant, than a straightforward Bluetooth speaker. We wish the quality of audio was better and there was a built-in battery - that would see Amazon to be onto an absolute winner.

Product of the Year 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

When design is done correctly it fuses aesthetics with functionality. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge does exactly that; it's a phone that will turn heads, rightfully reinforcing its position as the most enticing flagship on the market and the most exciting phone we've seen for some generations. Best go raid the piggy bank.

Product of the Year 2014

Apple iPhone 6

The iPhone moves to a metal body and to a new, larger, selection of sizes. It's a sublime combination.

Product of the Year 2013

Apple iPad Air

Apple has done it again, creating a tablet that is better than the last. It's light, it's thin, it's fast - in short it is amazing. The problem for Apple, and this is a good thing for us, is that in creating the iPad Air we suspect that once you buy this model you won't need to, or want to, upgrade for a long time.

Product of the Year 2012

Windows 8

If you're a Windows 8 user, upgrading to 8.1 is a no-brainer. If you're considering Windows 8 for the first time, then 8.1 should offer the incentive you need to use it. The UI still favours the touch interface, but the core OS is amazing, and it's truly a great upgrade to Windows

Product of the Year 2011

Apple iPad 2

Yes, the cameras could have been better on the iPad 2, the screen could have been a higher resolution and we're desperate to see iOS5 enhancements, but overall, we love the iPad 2. We love it like we loved the original. We just don't love it quite as much as we'd expected that we would.

Product of the Year 2010

Amazon Kindle

Astonishing value for access to the best ebook ecosystem around, this is going to be a game changer when it comes to reading books on the go.

Product of the Year 2009


Some minor foibles don't detract from what is a great music service, so long as you can get access to it.

Product of the Year 2008

MSI Wind

With a great screen and fantastic keyboard, this is a mini-notebook that doesn't compromise on usability or features.

Product of the Year 2007

Nintendo Wii

Although the graphics aren't up to what gamers will be expecting for a next-generation console, the gameplay and its interactivity will have you jumping around the living room with joy.

Product of the Year 2006

BlackBerry Pearl

Where this phone will succeed is with those looking for more messaging, but not prepared to go for the rather large full Qwerty keyboard option already offered by RIM.

Product of the Year 2005

Apple iPod nano

Could this be the iPod killer everyone has been waiting for? Most definitely.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Editing by Chris Hall.