(Pocket-lint) - European electric bike-maker Cowboy has announced an impressive new feature for its bikes, coming via software update - Crash Detection. It works a lot like the Apple Watch's fall detection, and could be a lifesaver in a bad scenario.

The new system effectively uses built-in sensors that Cowboy's second and third-generation bikes have in them, combined with their GPS systems, to monitor for falls and crashes. If such an accident happens, the rider will have 60 seconds to confirm that they're fine and don't need assistance.

If they don't do this, the bike will be able to use its own internal SIM card to contact the rider's emergency contacts, letting them know their exact location. This means that the system is also independent of the rider's phone, so even if it's damaged in the crash the contact should still be made. 

While it might not sound like a massive update, this is just the sort of feature that will keep the electric bike market developing, so we're really interested to see how it works - and we'll be giving our full impressions of the Cowboy 3, the manufacturer's latest bike, soon. 

It also marks another USP for Cowboy, which has another major boast to its name in the fact that its bike has a detachable battery for charging that's miles easier than most competitors can offer, something we value really highly, too. 

Between something like crash detection, in-built lights and often integrated locking, safety and security are swiftly becoming another set of reasons why people might be interested in an ebike. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.