(Pocket-lint) - Wearing a face mask is quickly becoming the norm around the world. But just because you have to wear one, doesn't mean it can't be hilarious. 

We've collected some of the most amusing ones from around the web that are bound to make you chortle. 

Custom facemasks

Cameron thought it might be fun to get his own face custom printed on a facemask. Alas, the results weren't what he was expecting and the printed face was larger than planned.

The results are not only amusing but also inspired a few others to share their amusing custom face coverings as well. 

The same, but bigger

Debs purchased her facemask from Snapfish and we have to say, we think it's even better. Bigger, bolder, happier. What's not to love? 


Tiger King Joe Exotic

Why be yourself when you can don a mask and become someone else entirely? And if you are going to transform into another person, why not the Tiger King himself?

This mask is also a neck gaiter combo that shows of Joe's wonderful curly locks. 


Ball gag

If you want your mask to stand out from the crowd then this one is surely the ticket. Yes, you have to be pretty confident and you might get a fair few weird looks but it's definitely amusing. 


The pussy lovers

Are you really into felines? Do you think facemasks are for chumps and a full-blown balaclava is the way to go? Then you're bound to love these ones.

Forget printing an image of your own face, get one of your cat printed instead. We're sure it won't freak out at all. Maybe. 

Jimmy Whelan

Intimidating cat

Here's one intimidating cat. Where others might have "cute" cat masks, Jimmy Whelan somehow manages to make this mask look mean. 

Sonja Yearsley

Show off your expressions

Masks are great for helping to keep us safe, but simple things like a happy smile are now hidden behind the material and missed by all. 

At least you can now get a mask to show off the fun you're feeling on the inside, even if you look outwardly miserable. How about a cat blowing a raspberry? Cute and amusing too. 


Happy mask wearer

Are you dying inside but want people to think you've got an incredibly sunny disposition (verging on psycho)? Then this "radiant smile" mask may well be just what you need. 


Plague Doctor mask


Ok, so this Plague Doctor mask is not technically designed to keep the plague at bay, but it does seem apt for 2020. Add in some filters and you're bound to be ok. Plus you can just roll out of bed and wear it and no one will know your shame. 


Shark face

Let people know not to get too close with this shark face mask. It doesn't come with teeth and won't help you fight sharks, but it might get you some chortles. 


X-ray face

Make your dentist proud by showing off an x-ray of your gnashers. Ok, so not actually your teeth, but still a fun mask. 


Cat face

Another cat mask, but this one is slightly different as it looks like you've either eaten a cat or have ceiling cat lurking inside you eyeing up surrounding humans. 


Anonymous mask

Embrace the anonymous inside you. Pop on a mask and disappear into the crowd of other people sporting their own mask. 


Shark face

We think that this shark face mask would be especially hilarious if you have a long/bigger nose than most. It'll really help sell the shark look. 


Existence is pain

Rick and Morty fan? Fed up with 2020 and the idea of having to wear a mask. Here's the one you need. 


Han Solo in Carbonite

Show off your Star Wars geekery with this mask that features Han Solo stuck in carbonite. Or maybe you're breath has frozen him?



This chap took it upon himself to make his own facemask. He apparently works in special effects for the movie industry and crafted this magnificent thing. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.