(Pocket-lint) - Going to the doctor can be a stressful enterprise, and no mistake. Between the sometimes unknown costs of your visit, and the lack of clarity over whether you'll actually be seen by a doctor, let alone your own one, it can feel like you're not exactly a valued part of the equation.

Healthcare is changing, though, and the advent of technological solutions means that it can happen more quickly than you might think. Forward is a great example - a simple membership that takes care of loads of your healthcare needs without any hassle. It'll have you on a track to a healthier life in no time. 

How does it work, though? We've got a few key points to explain that one completely. 

One simple membership

The key thing to reiterate about Forward is that it's a healthcare platform that bundles all its costs into one monthly membership fee, and it's a flat rate for everyone, without tiers and bonuses. You pay $149 a month and you get a superb healthcare provision - it's that simple.

You don't have to worry about copays, you don't have to fear unexpected bills, and this transparency stands in obvious and stark constrast to the rest of the often obscure healthcare market. 

That membership gets you unlimited visits to the doctor, sensors for vitals monitoring that you can do from home, blood tests, genetic analysis, skin cancer screening, mental health support, prescription delivery and specific programmes for both men's and women's health. 


The Forward method

Many of those elements come together in what Forward calls its method - a programme of healthcare testing and monitoring that's simply a cut above what most of us are used to from our healthcare providers. 

It starts with a visit to the doctor, and a total measurement of your body's health, through biometrics, a blood test, genetic testing and more. This all comes together to build your medical profile, and that of your family. Together with your doctor, you'll use this profile to set some goals and find any areas where you might need to try to improve.

You'll then continue to monitor your health, along with your doctor, over time, and will remain able to check in with them at any point if you have questions or need reassurance. 

If and when you do notice or feel improvements, you can test to confirm them before setting news aims if it's appropriate to do so. This way, you'll never find yourself stuck on the same plan you were five years ago without knowing how to update things. Your healthcare evolves as you do, effectively.


Personalized healthcare

Throughout this whole process, as you can tell, your healthcare will be totally personal to your needs and desires. Regardless of what you bring to the table, Forward can provide a platform to move forward, and adapt to any new conditions. 

This can range from everyday health, including the likes of a seasonal flu or ongoing allergies, to more chronic issues like high blood pressure and cholesterol, or Diabetes. Importantly, it can also encompass preventative health, which is so key to our wellbeing. This means it can help with the likes of weight loss, and mental health concerns, to make sure that you're being helped in any way possible. 

Independent of insurance

Health insurance can be a big drain on your monthly resources, and feel indispensable, but Forward has made the choice to be available to all members, regardless of their insurance status. This ensures that your ability to use its services isn't tied to other financial concerns, instead relying only on your Forward membership. 

Even if you keep your existing insurance as normal, Forward can be a really sensible way to make sure that you can see your doctor and get routine care without impacting on your monthly outgoings with deductibles and fees - its all-in-one fee makes sure that you don't have to worry about the costs for this routine healthcare, which is as it should be. 

If all of that sounds like a system that could make your life easier, and make financial sense, you can find out more about Forward on its website, here. There's loads of great information to browse, and you can of course sign up to become a member online.