(Pocket-lint) - There's nothing quite like being out and about, whether it's for a walk or a bit of remote working, and running out of juice on your laptop or phone. Whether you're trying to stay productive or enjoy some relaxation, having no battery is a bummer.

That's where smart chargers can make a huge difference, whether helping you to power up quickly or charge on the go, and Aukey makes some of the very best out there, helping you to keep your Apple devices powered up. We thought we'd take a look at three of its very best accessories for your Apple devices.


Omnia charger

One of the smartest upgrades you can make if you're a MacBook user is to swap out the charger that Apple ships with its laptops, and Aukey's Omnia charger is as good an option as you'll find anywhere. It's a 100W charger, which is a massive amount of power that means your laptop will charge at the absolute maximum speed, which could be a lifesaver in a pinch. 

It'll also get amazing speeds out of other devices, fully charging an iPhone 11 Pro in an hour and a half, and an iPad Pro 11in in just 1.7 hours. For a MacBook Pro, even at its largest, 16in size, it'll take under two hours. Those are the sorts of speeds that can free you up massively. Despite these amazing stats, though, the charger is about half the size of Apple's. That means you'll get back valuable storage or space in your bag. It's a dynamite little device that you'll be grateful for every time you have to charge anything. 


WL02 power bank

Charging from the wall is one thing, which we all do every day, but there are also loads of occasions when you need a bit of a power boost without access to the power grid. This battery bank from Aukey is like a guardian angel if you have it in your backpack or bag. 

It's got a 10,000mAh capacity, enough to give a serious boost, and can output at 18W to make for good charging speeds on your phone or tablet. If, though, you want to give your smartphone a top-up, the WL02 comes into its own. It's got a kickstand to let you rest your phone on it, making it easy to keep watching anything you want, and best of all has 10W wireless charging.

That means just resting your phone on that stand lets it start charging, provided it supports the feature. That is, honestly, about as easy as a power bank can possibly get, and it makes it super duper convenient to use when you're out and about. 

PB-WL02 on Amazon


12-in-1 USB-C hub

Charging is one thing, but if you're using one of Apple's more recent laptops you've probably run into issues at some point relating to the lack of ports that the machines have. USB-C is a miracle but not everything supports it, which is why a hub is almost an essential investment. 

Aukey's 12-in-1 hub is superb, and will ensure that you can use your Mac in whatever scenario you need to, whether you have an SD card that needs reading, an HDMI connection to cable up, or older USB products to connect. Brilliantly, it'll also work really nicely with newer iPad Pro models, since these have USB-C ports as well.

That means it can be a really useful productivity tool, and for those of you who are on Windows machines, it'll work just as well with those. You can even run fully three displays through the hub, each at up to 1080p resolution, so it's a perfect fit to power a home working station. All this in a tiny little device. 

We frankly think that any discerning techhead would find constant use for all three of these devices - whether you're charging at home, while you're out, or need to connect up your devices.