(Pocket-lint) - There are quite a few sectors doing big business as people's lifestyles change during the unfolding global health crisis, and the e-bike market is one of them. Electric bikes are flying off the shelves, as people seek to commute and travel in novel ways without necessarily turning up everywhere sweaty. 

The latest to hit the market comes from Rayvolt, a Barcelona-based company that's made a few successful electric bikes already, and fills a slightly different gap in the market. The Rayvolt Torino looks like it's targeted less at those trying to make tracks as quickly as possible, and more towards people looking to travel in style. 

The bike has a cruiser-style frame that won't have you hunched over your handlebars as you ride, but rather should encourage a laid-back posture and stance, with a retro look that will appeal, and is reminiscent of the sorts of bikes parked all over LA's Venice Beach.


Rayvolt's bespoke motor can take you up to 25km/h, housed in that weatherproof faux-leather holder under the saddle, while it's got a functional range of just a shade over 40km, which you'd imagine would be more than enough for most people. This can be upgraded at extra cost to effectively double the range, though, as can the motor to unlock speeds of up to 43km/h if that's legal in your area. 

The bike uses its power via pedal assist, as is most common, and you can adjust this and control the bike via Rayvolt's companion app. There is. a thumb throttle, although its use will again be dependent on regional regulations. The bike is available in three colours (which don't include that shocking orange, above) - Pearl White, Graphene Grey or Electric Green.


Finally, the price - e-bikes are slowly but surely getting more affordable, but plenty of them don't come cheap at all. That's the case for the Rayvolt Torino, sadly.

It'll set you back from £3,360, which makes it a good whack more expensive than the current flagships from the likes of VanMoof and Cowboy.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.