(Pocket-lint) - Gocycle has taken its top model - the G3 - and given it the carbon treatment, resulting in the Gocycle G3 Carbon. It's the lightest Gocycle model ever, weighing just 15.5kg.

It uses carbon PitstopWheels - Gocycle's quick release wheels - as well as a carbon front frame to shed about a kilogram off the weight of the regular model. 

The G3 is the smartest of Gocycle's bikes because it routes all the cables on the inside so it looks smart, but it also integrates daytime running lights, and has predictive automatic gear shifting for the three-speed Shimano hub - so it's smart in a technology sense too.

That means that when you approach lights and need to slow down and stop, the bike will shift gears for you so you don't get caught in the wrong gear when you have to start pedalling again.


And it's the pedalling that's the important part of this bike. You'll need to pedal to activate the motor to drive the bike, while the 375Wh battery is integrated into the frame. It charges in 4 hours and will give you assistance for 50 miles (80km) of riding. 

The speed is limited to 15.5mph (25kph) but it means that when you hit the hills that motor will take the strain out of things for you. We've fully reviewed the Gocycle G3 and it is a great thing to ride, so we're excited to see how this lighter version lifts that experience.

The Gocycle G3 Carbon will still fold up, thanks to the efficient design of this bike, but it's not quite as compact as the Gocycle GX, which is potentially the better option for those lacking space.

"For those looking for the ultimate in commuting or recreational riding, nothing compares to the G3Carbon. It's the ultimate expression of our commitment towards light weighting and developing the perfect urban electric bike," said Richard Thorpe, designer of Gocycle. 

All this goodness does come at a price, however. The Gocycle G3 Carbon will cost you £4499 (€4999, $5499), which is a cool £1000 more than the standard Gocycle G3.

The Gocycle G3 Carbon is available to order now in black and special yellow, green and red colours.

Writing by Chris Hall.