(Pocket-lint) - Transport for London is making plans to expand its network of artificial intelligence backed sensors that monitor road users in order to improve how the City's road networks cater to the growing numbers of people cycling. 

Historically, manual traffic counts have been the main source of data on how the roads are being used but in 2018 TFL worked with Vivacity Labs to install sensors at busy locations within the heart of the City. 

Vivacity Labs

That test proved so successful that now 43 more sensors are being installed in 20 different locations in the City. These sensors monitor road use and use artificial intelligence to detect the sort of road users and what mode of transport they're using. 

These sensors are constantly gathering data and using AI to analyse the captured video, that video is then automatically deleted within a matter of seconds so privacy is still of utmost importance. 

The system can detect and distinguish between pedestrians, cyclists and motorists and therefore is extremely useful in planning for new Cycleways across London. 

This new plan by Transport for London is part of the Mayor's Transport Strategy which has a target of getting 80 per cent of people travelling through London on foot, by bike or using public transport by 2041.  

Not only is this plan about managing congestion and pollution in the capital but also helping improve public health and road safety too. On your bike!

Writing by Adrian Willings.