LAS VEGAS (Pocket-lint) - L'Oréal has revealed an AI-powered at-home system, called Perso, for offering personalised beauty regimes for men and women that want to have a makeup routine specific to them.

The system offers personalised lipstick, foundation and moisturiser options, and works in combination with an app on your phone. It uses a number of different technologies, including facial recognition and AI.

L'Oréal hopes that, by enabling users to create personalised daily regimes based on their colour choices or skin, it will be able to provide a more unique experience to users.


In the case of the lipstick offering, users will be able to pick a colour from a number of fashion photographs within the app and see how it looks using augmented reality. A machine can then create actual lipstick with that colour within a small, dressing table-friendly unit.

The machine features three refillable cartridges that are then mixed and dispensed for you to apply. You’ll be able to buy further colours to create a range of recommended colour palettes.

The L'Oréal Perso takes a similar approach when allowing users to pick a suitable foundation. However, when it comes to moisturising, it enlists the help of facial recognition and outside factors, such as UV levels and weather conditions - even humidity and pollen count - to make the right choice for you.

Using a photo of your face, the app uses AI to analyse the your overall skin condition, including deep wrinkles, fine lines, the appearance of dark spots, and even pore visibility.

L'Oréal claims that, by taking all that information into account, it can create the perfect moisturiser balance - adjusting for morning and night application too.

A contraption, which is about the size of a medium coffee cup from Starbucks, features a detachable top that presents the perfect formula.

Not expected to launch until 2021, the company says it will use that time to add new ideas and improve the offering before it goes on sale.

Pocket-lint was told that one additional idea could be to include a colour picker in the app to help users personalise the colours of lipstick and foundation further. This means you could have a lipstick that matches your shoes or accessories perfectly.

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Corrections - [27/07/2020] We originally stated that the new product wouldn't launch until 2022

Writing by Stuart Miles.