(Pocket-lint) - While we awarded our official list of the best tech around at the Pocket-lint Awards last month, everyone on the Pocket-lint team has their personal picks for their tech of 2019 as you'd expect. 

So here's everybody's favourite - along with the reasons why everybody chose what they chose. Do you agree with our choices? Let us know

We'll also bring you our picks of the decade just before the new year. 

Adrian Willings, contributing editor - Astro A50 gaming headset


When it comes to gaming, great quality sound is an absolute must and Astro's latest flagship gaming headset - the A50 wireless - is an absolute masterpiece on PC. Although I'd say there might be others that deliver a richer sound and offer better noise cancellation, this headset is the winner for me personally.

It's the perfect balance of excellent sound, superb comfort and wireless convenience that includes a nifty charging base to dock it in when you're not using it. I can still hear my wife shouting at me when wearing it, which is a plus or minus depending on how important your marriage is, but in my book, this is the best bit of gaming kit I've seen this year. 

Cam Bunton, contributing editor - Powerbeats Pro


As a runner it’s been surprisingly difficult to find the perfect pair of workout earphones. Either you get a pair that doesn’t feel comfortable over long periods, or you find one of the earbuds gradually works its way out of the ear.

With the Powerbeats Pro, Beats created an incredibly comfortable pair of running in-ears, with a fit that never changes or shifts during a run. What’s more, the battery goes forever and the sound is really good. There’s no noise-cancelling, but at night time running near roads that’s actually a major plus point: you can hear all the traffic around you. 


Chris Hall, editor - Call of Duty: Mobile

With so much tech to choose from in 2019, it's been one of the biggest mobile games that has dominated my time. Albeit being sceptical of the game when it was first announced, it's a master class in mobile gameplay.

It's the multiplayer that really shines, where the pace is so fast and so furious, you lose yourself in 8-minute segments of glory. Importantly, it also shows that you can take big brands into the mobile space and come up with something sensational.

Dan Grabham, associate editor - Apple AirPods Pro


I'm a big fan of the AirPods generally - they're just so damn convenient and great all-rounders, whether it's listening to music in bed or making calls when out and about. I've owned a pair of both versions so far. 

But when Apple announced its AirPods Pro I thought 'I don't want noise cancellation and I don't like in-ear tips generally'. But I was rather wrong - since I've had them I've marvelled at the noise-cancelling and overall sound quality.  

Most impressive is how Apple has managed to make them feel so comfortable - which is the problem for me with many buds. The price tag does make you wince a bit though. 

Max Freeman-Mills, writer - Apple Watch Series 5


Smartwatches might be becoming more and more common, and the envelope might be getting pushed further and further, but for most people’s purposes the competition isn’t too fierce yet. If you want a watch that pairs with an iPhone seamlessly, there’s only one choice.

The Apple Watch is the king of the jungle, and the Series 5, new for 2019, is the best model yet. An always-on screen takes one of the Series 4’s only remaining flaws and chucks it out the window, banishing raise-to-wake to the nether realms (unless you want it).

Battery life is still a one-day affair, but the Series 5 is the best smartwatch going, by a distance, unless you’re an ultra-marathoner, solo trekker or polar explorer. That it can also check up on your heart health and let you know if your eardrums are in danger is a bonus.


Mike Lowe, reviews editor - Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700


This year the one product that has made my life more manageable is the Bose 700 headphones. Not only has the design of this over-ear set improved over the company's QC range, but the noise-cancelling technology is also ridiculously good at cutting out bothersome ambient noise. 

I wear them when travelling on the Tube in London, when getting some shut-eye on planes, and when I need some downtimes to crack on with work minus interruptions. 

Not to mention: the sound quality is exceptional, making these the best headphones I’ve ever used – more so than the Sony WH-1000XM3 in my view.

Rik Henderson, senior editor of news & features - Nintendo Switch Lite


Although there were plenty of sceptics when the Nintendo Switch was first launched, it proved to be a masterstroke by Nintendo. The company put to bed any doubts there may have been after the flop that was the Wii U and everytime I travel on a bus, train or take a flight, there is always someone playing with their Switch closeby.

However, I've never been a massive fan of its portability outside of the home personally. Taking it from room to room is excellent, but I have always felt that it's too clunky and heavy for travelling. That's why the Switch Lite is a godsend.

Lighter, more portable and, well, even more tactile, it never leaves my side. That's why I chose it over my equally essential pair of Sony WF-1000XM3 true wireless earbuds. They too have become a vital part of my kit whenever I leave the house. But hey, they can't play Link's Awakening now can they?

Stuart Miles, founder - Dyson V11 Absolute


Yep, I've gone with a vacuum cleaner for my personal gadget of the year. Why? Well because it feels like this is the first time since cordless vacuums were introduced that we've got a model that's powerful enough to ditch the corded cleaners for good.

The suck is good enough to pick up plenty of dirt, the battery long enough to allow me to get around my house, and although it could be a bit lighter, it does exactly what it sets out to do. It's no iPhone, I give you that, but my carpets and floors are clean.

Writing by Dan Grabham.