(Pocket-lint) - This pen and paper to digital note pad is the perfect Christmas present for your loved one who still likes to take written notes

Taking notes on a paper pad is a satisfying tactile experience. Digital notes also appeal because they're easy to search and file. Wouldn't it be great if you could have both at once?

The Royole RoWrite is the item for which the phrase "best of both worlds" could have been invented. Here are five reasons why it's a great buy. 

It's paper, real paper

If you've ever used a stylus on a tablet screen, for instance, you'll know that digital drawing is good but really no match for the pleasure of writing with pen on real paper. The malleable smoothness of the page is way more interesting than the unyielding glass of the tablet.

The Royole RoWrite comes with a handsome folio and, inside, an A5 pad of paper (it's supplied with two pads). There's also the RoWrite Pen with its own sleeve in the folio to keep it safe. 

You write and draw on the pad as you would on any paper, free to create, list, sketch, whatever you want to do. 

But it has a digital dimension, too

Every single pen stroke is captured digitally by RoWrite. This means that when you've finished on paper, whether that's creating your finest drawing or quick, efficient notes at a meeting, you can then share what you've done to the RoWrite app, available on Apple and Android devices.

Once shared, you can edit what you've sent. So, you could add colour to the ink drawing, for instance, or change a task entry to mark it as done, say. 

The pen and pad are smart

The pen can recognise and capture up to 2,048 different levels of pressure, so that level of variety can be reflected in your digital work. But because it uses regular ballpoint pen ink, it's a smooth, familiar experience. It feels good in the hand and even has a pen lid to keep the ink fresh.

Meanwhile, the pad is full of smart tech. It pairs wirelessly via Bluetooth to transmit your pen strokes, and when it's not connected, it stores all the data until it is. It contains a transparent flexible sensor which is highly sensitive and precise. Magnetic guide posts and a tension clip ensure the paper notepad doesn't move while you're writing on it. 

You can connect to an app and create in real-time

With the RoWrite app, you work in real-time, so you can watch as you scribble on the paper and your smartphone alongside mimics every pen stroke seamlessly and immediately.

Since the app captures a video of every stroke, the journey of a drawing or your meeting notes can be shared in a useful way. Or watch a child's delight as their drawing on the page turns into a creation that animates all by itself onscreen.

And there's more

A very neat feature called Convert To Text means – as you might expect from the name – your handwritten notes can be transferred into text. That text is even editable. Once you move to the app, you can annotate or change your original work with a range of different writing instruments, adjustable stroke thickness and opacity and 81 preset colours to choose from. Or you can make your own colours.

RoWrite has apps that work with iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac. You can even save your creations to cloud services for sharing in the future.

The technology of RoWrite is smart and capable, letting your imagination do even more with it. The paper and pen are great to use and all come in a highly attractive and functional textured folio so your tech – and your creativity – are ready to go anywhere with you.

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