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(Pocket-lint) - There have been thousands of fires in California this year alone, and it's expected to get worse now through December.

In an attempt to stop more California wildfires from being started by electrical equipment during strong and dry winds, especially as the Diablo winds and the Santa Ana winds pick up this winter, massive power shutoffs have been occurring in the state since October. These are known as "public safety power shutoff" events, and they're happening across 30 counties in California.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Southern California Edison, and San Diego Gas and Electric are coordinating these controversial shutoffs. They're causing millions to lose utility-provided power for days at a time. People in fire danger areas are complaining about not being able to get updates without power, and others have said they aren't able to use their critical life support equipment.


If you find yourself in one of these situations, there is a solution: Get a Jackery portable power station.

When you purchase both the Explorer 240 and SolarSaga 60W, use the code M95GGAGD for $60 off!

What is Jackery?

Founded by an ex-Apple battery engineer in 2012, Jackery is a maker of portable rechargeable lithium battery generators.

Many of Jackery's power stations are relatively compact and lightweight in design and feature multiple connectors, so you can take them indoors or outdoors and use them to keep most of your gear charged and connected.

In other words, a Jackery power station can serve as an emergency power backup - either at home or for off-grid power supply.

The Jackery Explorer 500, for instance, is a 518Wh lithium portable power station offering 500W-rated power and 1000W-surge power. It weighs 13.32 lbs, has a handle for toting it around, and it features an AC outlet, a DC carport, and three USB ports. It even has an LCD display. It's also compatible with solar power charging, meaning it can perform as a solar generator, too.

Jackery says this particular model can charge your smartphone 34 times, your tablet 28 times, your camera 60+ times, a mini-fridge for 8+ hours, a drone six times, and a small USB fan for 40+ hours. Impressive! 

Jackery Explorer vs Jackery Honda: What's the difference?

There are two series of Jackery products: Explorer and Honda. The Jackery Explorer series consist of solar-ready portable power stations designed primarily for providing power outdoors. As for the Jackery Honda Series, it's officially licensed Honda products, including lithium-powered portable chargers and other energy devices with solar power capabilities for consumers.

Check out the different models and their specs at Jackery.com: 

When you purchase both the Explorer 240 and SolarSaga 60W, use the code M95GGAGD for $60 off!

Jackery Explorer series

Jackery Honda series

Why do you need a Jackery?

If you live in California and perhaps use medical equipment, such as oxygen, which requires power, then you should start worrying about getting some sort of generator or power station to use as a back-up source of energy. Even if you don't really need power, it'll come in handy for when you're trying to stay connected or in touch with friends during the 2019 wildfire season.

With as little as $159, you can start investing in a Jackery power station. Then, after the PSPS events are over, you'll still have a valuable product that you can use while camping or in the Apocalypse. It's like an insurance policy, only more tangible and fun.

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