(Pocket-lint) - If you've ever wanted to show off your undying love for retro Nintendo gaming while you work, then now is your chance as a new mouse has appeared that looks like a NES controller.

The mouse was originally a concept created by Swedish designer Daniel Jansson (who appears on YouTube as Switch & Lever) and he came up with the idea years ago. Now the dream of turning a NES controller themed mouse into a reality has come to fruition. 

With the help of accessory maker 8BitDo, the N30 wireless mouse is now available to purchase. The best bit is it doesn't even cost a fortune. You can pick yours up for just $24.99 and it'll soon be selling on Amazon in both the US and the UK too.

The N30 is an awesomely cute looking retro-styled mouse with modern smarts. With just a single AA battery it will give you up to 120 hours of wireless use via 2.4Ghz wireless tech. It also boasts a 10-metre range, 1,000 DPI and weighs in at 71 grams. 

The keen-eyed reader will spot that there is no scroll wheel on this mouse, but don't be put off as there is a touch-sensitive strip in its place, ensuring that you can still scroll as normal. The D-pad on the side also allows you to carry out other actions like page up, page down, forward and back. 

We have to admit, it's pretty cool to see this mouse come to life after it first appeared as a concept over 10 years ago. What do you think? Will you be snapping one up?

Writing by Adrian Willings.