(Pocket-lint) - Segway is breaking new ground (or is that dirt?) with a new electric dirt bike known as the Dirt eBike.

The company best known for its scooters is at SEMA, the automotive products show in Las Vegas showing off its new wares that include two new eBikes, the X160 and X260. 

The Segway Dirt eBike is said to be a hybrid between a dirt and mountain bike that offers a superior off-road experience with all-electric power. The company says it's also compact, lightweight and easy to look after as well. It's lighter than a traditional petrol-powered machine and yet still has the power to thrill. 


The flagship model, the X260, has a 74.6-mile range and a 46.6mph top speed with the ability to accelerate to over 30mph in around four seconds. The smaller X160 meanwhile is more agile but has less range and a lower top speed (at just 40.4-mile range and a 31.1mph). 

Both eBikes can be fully charged in just four hours and have swappable batteries to help you extend the range. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can update onboard firmware via an accompanying app. 

The Segway Dirt eBikes are also designed to help novice riders tear up the slopes. It's said to be easy to learn and comes with novice, standard and sport modes to suit your needs.

Both versions of the new eBikes will launch in sometime in the first quarter of 2020. The X160 will set you back $3,000, while the X260 will cost $4,500.

Writing by Adrian Willings.